What a Woman

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What a Woman

A Manley Maids Novel, #4

Each of the Manley men have had their story told and this time the story is about the only Manley woman. Matchmaking grandmothers make this story unfold in such a way you know that the two main characters, Mary-Alice aka Mac and Jared, are unable to deny them anything they ask. Cute kittens and lonely ladies add comic elements while career ending injuries slow Jared down but don’t put him out. Mac is feisty and focused. Jared is grumpy and lost. Together they can be electrifying. Family secrets and hopes are also brought out. Overall, I love this family, this series and this book. The stories just feel down to earth with family coming first. The love comes across the page and wraps you into it’s grip. This story is outstanding and a perfect for anyone who loves a good romance.

Mac Manley’s grandmother has a matchmaking scheme which includes having her brothers working as maids. What she doesn’t expect is her grandmother trying to matchmake with her and her childhood crush, Jared. Jared is staying in his grandmother’s house while recovering from major injuries. He’s also working on getting rid of his ex who has decided she wants his house. Mac doesn’t want to spend any time with Jared and Jared doesn’t want to deal with Mac. However neither will disappoint their grandmother. How will this work out?

Book Blurb for What a Woman

After starting her housecleaning company, Manley Maids, one woman is determined to make it on her own. And what a woman she is…


Now that Mary-Alice Catherine Manley—Mac—has her hunky brothers working for her, she can sit back and watch the business roll in. But her new assignment quickly tosses that plan out the window. Mildred, her grandmother’s best friend, needs her house cleaned and Gran has volunteered Mac for the job. The problem is Mildred’s cocky grandson. He thinks Mac’s at his beck and call, but she has a few things to tell him…aside from how hot he is.


Jared Nolan is currently lying low, nursing some broken bones—and a  bruised ego. The former professional baseball player let himself be used by woman once, and now it could rob him of his beloved career. No woman is ever going to call the shots again, which is why, when the bossy Mac shows up, he’s going to show her who’s really in charge. He’s just not prepared for the undeniable attraction between them. And with the two of them in one house, there’s no telling who will come out swinging…

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2015 5.00