Welcome Back to Apple Grove

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Welcome Back to Apple Grove

Small Town U.S.A. Trilogy, #3

Absolutely fantastic third book set in Apple Grove. (You don’t have to read the previous two books to read this one but you’re going to want to!) Heart warming and realistic, this story takes you into the lives of its characters making you feel as if you know them. Grace wants to spread her wings in the big city but maybe what she left behind isn’t so bad. Pat has nightmares in his past but sees his future when he sees Grace. But this story has the entire town in it which makes it feel full. The interactions come alive and you’ll laugh in places and almost cry in others. The secondary characters leave you wanting more. I loved this book and the series. There is nothing better than small town America.

Grace Mulcahy left her family business to strike out on her own in a nearby city. She wanted more than living her life in the small town of Apple Grove. In the city though she works long hours and though the pay is good, she doesn’t have the friends or family like she does back home. Yet, it’s only a few hours drive to home and during a quick trip home, she spies Pat Garahan, Pat is from New York and after a terrible fire left, not knowing where he was heading. Where he ended up was a mid-size town, about 45 minutes from Apple Grove. There he joined the fire department and is rebuilding his life. When he sees the pretty red head woman, he just knows he has to meet her. Pat doesn’t want to work in a big city ever again and the big city is Grace’s dream. Something has to give for these two but what will it be?

Book Blurb for Welcome Back to Apple Grove

She is about to discover just how hot it is to take things slow

Grace Mulcahy left her small hometown of Apple Grove to accept an offer for her dream job in Columbus, OH, but it isn't quite what she hoped. Maybe her family's handyman business wasn't so bad. On a quick trip back home, Grace sees an auburn-haired, broad-shouldered man laughing with her brothers-in-law. When her eyes lock with firefighter Pat Garahan, everything and everyone else blurs into the background. She could swear she sees her future reflected in his whiskey-colored eyes, but what about the new life she's trying to make on her own terms?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2013 5.00