Weird Nights

Shadow Promised, #2

This is the second book in a series and would make much more sense if you read the previous book first but you could start with this one even if you aren’t going to really grasp how evil Bo Bo was. Though this book is marketed as horror, I found it to just be really a romance with paranormal elements. It is definitely not a light and fluffy romance though; think more urban goth. And, I loved it. It was a perfect blend of romance, adventure and paranormal. Ghosts and abusive pasts make up a big part of the plot but friendships and trust are also right up there. The main characters are great. Mindy is not going to be a victim ever again and she is actively making that happen. Jonah is sworn to protect people from the evil that is everywhere and that especially includes Mindy. These two stands will have Mindy and Jonah at odds for a while. I really loved how this story played out. It was perfect. There were more twists than I expected and the character development was outstanding. I love how another blood-oathed brother was introduced allowing some insight to a next book. I don’t do horror but I definitely do love this book with all it’s quirkiness and demons.

Mindy moved to Chicago to learn how to protect herself. And, while she has been taking classes, she hasn’t been getting the training Jonah promised her. So, she’s reading books and learning enough to make her dangerous. Unfortunately, some of the books she’s reading aren’t exactly accurate and Mindy soon finds herself making things worse instead of better. She also is stirring up memories that Jonah has long forgotten. Maybe it’s finally time he deals with them but to do so, Mindy might find herself asked to leave the area. What is happening?

Book Blurb for Weird Nights

Mindy Spellman hasn’t been the same since a demon stepped into her life, murdered her boyfriend and left her scarred inside and out.

Jonah is one of the blood-oathed, sworn to guard mankind against things that go bump in the night. He’s promised Mindy he’ll teach her how to protect herself. But a poltergeist on the loose leaves him feeling protective—and lust-struck.

She’s supposed to be under his care, but as they battle the forces of evil, he finds himself caring too much.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2016 4.50