Wedding Bells, Magic Spells

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Wedding Bells, Magic Spells

Raine Benares, #8

If you thought Raine Benares’s adventures would end after the destruction of the Saghred, you were wrong. This book picks up her story and shows that things are still not peaceful. However, Raine and Mychael are getting married between issues of sabotaged peace talks, murderous spiders and visiting family. I thoroughly enjoyed this book from start to finish. The fight scenes were epic and the secrets that come out are unbelievable. Really, this book is totally action packed and the twists that occur are unique. My mind goes wild with all the possibilities that were presented and I can’t wait to see were this series goes. For those who have not read the previous books, there are a lot of references to past events that impact this book which I believe is a way to catch those readers up. However, these books are terrific and I’d suggest just starting at the beginning. It would be much easier to follow this one and besides there are some unforgettable scenes in the previous books that are must reads. I absolutely love Raine, her family and Mychael. Tam still is a favorite character too. Anyone who loves fantasy stories needs to read these books! They really are that good and this one is fantastic. I’m totally looking forward to reading more.

Raine is getting married and the Conclave is hosting peace talks. One of those events would be exciting enough but both will definitely have the Isle of Mid in chaos. Things don’t start off well when Duke Markus Sevelien is nearly assassinated and then the elven ambassador is killed. As Raine and Mychael work on figuring this out, Raine is also worried about Mychael’s parents arriving. How are these landholders going to get along with the pirates that Raine calls family? Will things calm down long enough for a wedding?

Book Blurb for Wedding Bells, Magic Spells

Name: Raine Benares

Race: Elf

Job: Seeker, bride, peace talks referee

Problem: Back-stabbing diplomats, bride-hating mother-in-law

I’ve successfully destroyed the Saghred (AKA, a legendary soul-sucking rock).

I’ve sent an evil goblin demigod to the Lower Hells.

I’m coming to terms with my burgeoning new powers.

I’m marrying super sexy paladin Mychael Eiliesor.

You’d think I could handle a wedding and meeting my soon-to-be mother-in-law without another calamity brewing.

You’d be wrong!

The new, thankfully non-psychotic, Goblin King is willing to come to the table to discuss a peace treaty. The Isle of Mid is the site of these delicate negotiations, meaning all hands on deck for Mychael and his Conclave Guardians. When the head of elven intelligence (and my wedding guest) Duke Markus Sevelien is nearly assassinated upon his arrival, I suspect my mother-in-law will be the least of my concerns. Sabotaging the peace talks is the first salvo in a treacherous and deadly new apocalyptic plot.

Mychael and I might not make it to the altar after all!

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2016 4.50