Warning Signs

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Warning Signs

Angels of Mercy Series - Book 2

Life at Angels of Mercy Medical Center in Pittsburgh, PA is anything but dull for struggling medical student, Amanda Mason and her friends, Gina, another medical student, Lydia, an ER attending doctor and Nora, a charge nurse. Amanda is starting her rotation in neurology this month while Gina is suppose to be riding along with the EMTs. Gina was shot and is having difficulties going back on the street and has family pressures urging her to quit. Amanda is interested in her attending doctor, Lucas Stone and is attempting to not let him know while she also tries to hide a medical condition. Lydia is known for being innovative and bending the rules while drives Nora nuts as they work together. 
On this day, things start fast when a young woman is brought in paralyzed for no apparent reason, a baby has been serious injured in a car wreak and a great grandmother is found to have a heart condition. While the later two are not surprising, the first is. This is the third young woman admitted with the same symptoms in the past few months. The other two have died but Amanda is determined to find the cause and cure even if she has to step on toes. To this end, the four friends gather looking over notes to figure out what are the common factors with all 3 women. It comes down to a boathouse and Dr Stone. Are either of these the cause? And will it get figured out before this next woman dies?
This riveting book takes you through almost 3 days filled with drama, struggles and love. Chapters are not only numbered but you’re given a timeline as to what is happening and when. This fast paced novel gives readers an inside view of what doctors, medical students, police and EMTs got through on a daily basis. While these characters may not be real, these situations can be. As you follow along as this medical mystery is being solved and each solution fails, you wonder if they are going to beat the clock or will this young woman die also. As the minutes continue to tick, Amanda’s medical secret comes out as she works to save the baby’s life. Becoming a patient isn’t in her plan and having Dr Stone as her doctor just isn’t going to work!
The characters in this story come alive. You can relate to them in so many ways. Amanda’s family just doesn’t understand why she couldn’t be content back home. They don’t understand why her schooling comes before her family. Yet, she loves them and misses them terribly. Lydia has never had a permanent home in her life. The very thought scares her. As she’s thrusted in to relationships that require more of her than she thinks she can give, she finds it’s not as hard as she thought. Gina’s fear has her reverting back into self destructive behavior that her parents have denied for years but can Gina accept that the man who loves her knows and only wants to help her? All of the characters have a background, a life and real problems just as everyone does giving them a depth and a vitality that makes them real.
As things come to a close, you know that it can’t be the end. After all, Amanda and Gina are still students and there are always dramas in the ER for Lydia and Nora. I look forward to reading more about these wonderful characters at Angels of Mercy.
Warning: You may not be able to put this book down! It’s that good.

Book Blurb for Warning Signs

On rotation at Pittsburgh's Angels of Mercy Hospital and struggling to finish medical school, Amanda Mason-with the help of her friends-must solve a medical mystery before she becomes the next victim.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2009 5.00