Vixen Virgins

Two for the price of one. Well-known western romance writer Beth Williamson has teamed up with Robin Danner to give readers two intertwined historical western romances. Each writer takes their own couple and writes a unique story, but the beginning of the book has the women together and the end includes both couples. As the couples are two sisters and two brothers, this makes perfect sense as two arranged marriages become love matches. However, don’t expect a super long book because these two authors are able to tell an interesting tale in just 258 pages. This allows each story to have depth while not boring you to death.

-- Mattie and Millie (Ladies Margaret and Millicent Travers) have run away to Texas in order to avoid the arranged marriages their parents made. They have no desire to marry men they have never met as these arrangements were made right after Millie was born! They hope their aunt will help them. But, before they get that far, the train they are riding in is robbed. Mattie pursues the robber to get her aunt’s letter back with her address and to get what little money the women have. Mattie soon learns that things in Texas aren’t like they are in England and that her train robber stirs up more than her blood pressure. Millie stays on the train until the next stop. There she meets the sheriff who seems to want to make her life miserable. But, Millie is up to the task for driving him crazy. Can this straight laced man keep up with the wild hoyden?

Though a historical, expect some hot sex, some feisty women and two interesting brothers. This book was a bit predictable but enjoyable none the less.

Book Blurb for Vixen Virgins

The Outlaw's Virgin – Beth Williamson

Lady Margaret Travers is not about to let a train robber named Brit steal all her funds and leave her and her sister Millicent stranded in Beaumont, Texas. After all, they are running to their Aunt Gertrude for sanctuary to escape an arranged marriage, and need all the money they have to survive.

Little does Maggie know that outlaw Brit is really Lord Lowndes, Tiernan Franklinton, her intended bridegroom! Tiernan has given up his title and everything that goes with it to become a wanted man.

When Maggie follows Brit to his hideout, what's going to happen to the Outlaw’s Virgin?

The Sheriff’s Vixen – Robin Danner

After a botched elopement, Millicent Travers and her sister are sent to America to meet their intended bridegrooms. When Millie is stranded to await Maggie’s return in Beaumont it is only a matter of time until she is up to her old tricks.

Trouble arrives in the form of Benjamin Spalding, a do-gooder sheriff who has been trailing the infamous outlaw, Brit. Ben has better things to do than keep a close eye on the recent visitor to Beaumont. But when Millie starts a brawl in the local saloon, Ben has no choice but to arrest her. Can these two stop butting heads long enough to fall in love? And what will happen when Millie learns that Ben is her intended groom?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 4.00