Violet Night Trilogy

Violet Midnight

Vampire hunters on a college campus? Glowing tattoos so you know when the vamps are near? Bumping into a hot guy with a similar tattoo? Sounds unbelievable but it works in this awesome paranormal story where love might be the answer. And, though love might be the answer, jumping into bed is not making this a great book for older teens, young adults. There is a wonderful mixture of romance, research, fighting, betrayal and hope as Emma and Jake try to figure out what is going on. The characters came alive and the story kept me glued to each page as I learned more about a world that has vamps and choices. As the first book in a series, this one set a great groundwork leaving me wanting to know more. Luckily, the next two books are already out so I’ll be able to follow Emma as she goes to college and fights vampires.

Emma woke up a few years ago with a mystical tattoo on her wrist and her family dead. With the help of a friend she is able to learn what the tattoo is and what it means. Emma is a vampire hunter! Her tattoo glows when she is near them and she has the ability to kill them. But, Emma is trying to have a normal existence by attending college. There, she meets Jake Cunningham. He also woke up a few years ago with a tattoo but it’s different than Emma’s. What does that mean? Is he a different type of hunter? As Emma and Jake explore what he is or could be, the draw close to each other. This closeness will be put to the test as they learn about Jake’s family history.

Violet Dawn

Mysterious vampire attacks, a new guy on campus that doesn’t quite fit and having to meet your boyfriend’s parents start this book off with excitement and action. Emma and Jake are back. Though Emma saved Jake from becoming a vampire and is training him to hunt them, his training isn’t complete and after a few months of calm, chaos is back with a vampire nest. Lots of fighting and some unique plot twists had this book keeping my interest and not wanting to put it down. This is the second book in a series and the first should be read to really understand these characters and what is going on. This is a continuation of Emma and Jake’s relationship and their school year. I’m really enjoying this series and can’t wait to see what happens next.

Emma’s love for Jake saved him from becoming a vampire but won’t save her from meeting his parents. She’s really nervous about that. But, when vampire attacks start happening on campus and they appear to be staged, Emma and Jake are both concerned. Even more interesting is a new guy on campus keeps showing up and has a marked interest in Emma! As Emma and Jake work on their relationship, these outside factors are working against them. Then, when Emma is bit by a vampire with the ability to gain her memories, she knows she has to either kill it or be killed What is a girl to do?

Violet Storm

This is the third book in this unique vampire series. It is necessary to read the books in order to fully understand and appreciate the plot. This book continues with the mysterious centuries old vampire who can change humans into vampires through his bit, and he seems to want Emma, a vampire hunter. Also mixed in this is a new group called PUSH, who takes those marked to become vampires and helps them. And, a new hunter appears as well as another changed human. Talk about getting complex! Yet, as usual, the story revolves around Emma and Jake. However, in this book family ties will be stretched to the breaking point, loyalties questioned and purity revealed. Exciting and hard to put down. Though Jake and Emma’s initial story is finished, there is plenty of opportunity for more stories…..and I hope to be able to read them soon!

Emma and Jake are getting married. They only wanted a small wedding but Jake’s parents have this large design in mind. That would be okay with Emma except for some reason after their initial warm welcome; Jake’s parents seem to want her to go away. What is going on? And, on the vampire front, the bite Emma got has left a scar which is turning red and bumpy. What is going on? Plus she’s seeing a mysterious figure that is calling to her and she is having a hard time resisting. Nothing seems to be going to plan. The only thing Emma and Jake know is that they can’t wait to get married and are definitely anticipating their wedding night when they will finally make love. With everything going on though, will they have the big wedding that is being planned or will an elopement happen? Who is this mysterious figure and how is he tracking Emma? Lots of questions and the answers only show up after heartache and determination that love is the answer.

Book Blurb for Violet Night Trilogy

After three months of silence, the black tattoo on Emma's wrist glows with a vengeance once again, and that can only mean one thing...the vampires are back. But when she meets the mysterious Jake Cunningham, who has a few powers of his own, she may not be alone in the fight.

In the midst of battle, Jake and Emma find love, but as their adventures continue, that love--and their souls--will be tested beyond imaginable limits.

For this intrepid pair, staying together may be harder than staying alive.

*Bonus Material: Witness the moment Emma woke up in the hospital with her emblematic purple eyes and glowing tattoo in the never before published novella, A Hunter Revealed.

"Exciting and hard to put down." Night Owl Reviews--TOP PICK REVIEW

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2015 4.50