Valentine Cowboys

Dakota Washburn, Justus White and Melody Zane shared the last row of their 5th grade class. Both boys had a crush on Melody and couldn’t wait to give her their Valentines and to receive theirs. When the boys opened theirs, they had a note to meet Melody at recess for a kiss. Neither knew the other was to show up and as they all gathered, the boys broke out into a fight. With Melody smiling, Dakota was sure she had set them up. The boys decided that never again would they let any girl come between them.

Twelve years later, Dakota and Justus are as tight as brothers. Both work on the Maverick ranch, which is a prime job. Dakota is more outgoing and brash while Justus is much more easy going and relaxed. They seem to compliment each other. Melody moved after the 5th grade and they haven’t seen her since so when she shows up at the local bar, the guys are shocked.

Melody has returned to interview for a job teaching 5th grade. She graduated from college with a degree in art history in May and now in Feb she is still looking for work. Her self confidence is low but she wants to appear successful to the two boys who she couldn’t decide between.

Justus seems happy to see her while Dakota seems to still hold a grudge. As things progress, Melody still finds herself attracted to both men. When she’s told that they will not let a woman come between their friendship, she’s told she can have both of them or neither of them.

Does she dare to take them up on their offer?

This is roughly related to an earlier book which is about Dakota and Justus’s boss. They do not have to be read together to enjoy either of them.

Though this book gives the impression of being a Valentine story, it really isn’t. The prologue is based on a series of events that do happen on Valentine’s Day. That is the last that day is seen. The rest of the book while set in Feb does not revolve around Valentine’s Day.

The characters are great. Each has their own unique personality and their own quirks. Dakota likes to take charge. He thinks he has more experience in a lot of things over Justus. Of course, that doesn’t mean he thinks less of Justus, just that he thinks Justus should follow his lead. Justus is softer but not soft. He likes to court a woman before rushing her to bed. He cares about feelings. He also doesn’t like change and enjoys the routine of his work. Melody had great plans which didn’t happen. She’s not sure where she’s going and she’s frustrated.

Dakota, Justus and Melody have concerns about a three way relationship. It’s not like that type of relationship is the norm. Maybe in the big city no one would notice but in rural America? What happens if they go through with this and break up? They have lots to consider as they try to figure this out. One man will even offer to step aside.

Rural ranch life is brought to life. Dakota and Justus work on a ranch, they don’t just sit around. There aren’t cell phone towers all over either so cell phone reception is spotty, at best. The work day doesn’t end at 5, it ends when the work is done and some times that isn’t until the next day. All these factors are brought out making the story more realistic.

The sex was hot. These men had never done a three way before but it didn’t take them long to figure out what they were going to be doing. Dakota took charge but Justus ended up with feelings he wasn’t sure how to handle. Melody enjoyed the attention. With all the awesome scenes, the only one that gave me any trouble was the one in the calving shed. Some how watching a cow in labor is a big stretch for me to see as any kind of turn on. Yet, what happened in the shed was hot so I’ll got for to each their own.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. I liked that the characters weren’t sure where they were going. I enjoyed reading how they needed to work out problems. These characters felt real. The situations felt real.

How can you go wrong with two hot cowboys and a willing woman? This is a must read for anyone who likes a well written western ménage.

Book Blurb for Valentine Cowboys

Ranch hands Justus White and Dakota Washburn have known each other forever, or at least since fifth grade when Melody Zane, the coolest girl in school, gave them both valentines. That Valentines Day ended in a school yard fight, and a lifelong friendship. 12 years later, they now both live and work on the Maverick ranch and have vowed never to let a girl get between them again… Until they meet Melody again in a bar. Then they decide to preserve the friendship maybe the best thing is to keep her between them both.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 4.50