Unrequited Mate

Turnskin University #1 and ROAR #10

This story is in a spin off series from the series ROAR. It’s based at the university Trueskin and it’s a fun paranormal. Pretty much all the characters are college students and everyone at Trueskin is a shifter. There are references to characters in the previous series but not enough that you won’t enjoy this book. It truly stands alone. Hayden and Nico are strong characters with spirit. They are unmated mates with a huge issue. They work through their issue with the help of their friends. These friends are fantastic and I can’t wait to read more about them. This is a story where you need to let your imagination go wild and let yourself go. It’s Greek week games on campus and everyone is involved. I found this story to be fun, fresh and interesting. I would have liked to have a bit more depth and details but I liked what I did have. It was fast paced and full of drama. Definitely a winner.

Nico broke Hayden’s heart as a teenager when she found him with another woman. She knew they were mates and knew he knew that too. How dare he have sex with someone else! Nico knows he screwed up but how can he make up if Hayden won’t talk to him. It’s been years! Nico knows he has to do something to prove he is worthy to be Hayden’s mate. Can he do it?

Book Blurb for Unrequited Mate

Welcome to Trueskin University...

Hayden Raferty, left behind her entire family and all her friends to get away from her mate, Nico Lopez. In a single night, he crushed her hopes and dreams of finding true love. Now, years later, Hayden has decided to move on and start over.

Nico Lopez knows he screwed up, but letting his mate walk away isn’t in his plans. It's time to make his move. With a little help from 555-ROAR, Nico obtains a spot in the Greek Shifter Games and is determined to show his mate there isn’t another male worthy of her. If has to put his body on the line to prove it, so be it.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2017 4.50