Unexpected Pleasures

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Unexpected Pleasures

Mary Wine has the writing of historical romance down to perfection. Her attention to period details and well-rounded characters that are placed in the political turmoil of the era make it easy to visualize and understand why things are done a certain way.

King Henry VIII is not well. Power struggles within his court as nobles jockey for alliances allow for nobles such as Viscount Biddeford to prostitute their wards such as he does Lady Justina Wincott. When she is sent to bed Sir Synclair, Justina is conflicted as she has admired him for years. As Sir Synclair has only come to court for Justina, he doesn’t care how he gets her in his bed except he wants to make her his wife. To make that goal a reality, Justina is going to have to learn to trust; something she finds impossible to do.

This book is part of a series but doesn’t need to be read in that context. Characters from previous books are mentioned but for the most part do not play a major role in this story.

With interesting characters and an intriguing plot, this well written historical romance will keep you glued to its pages. The ending is unexpected and yet perfect. Make sure to put this book on your to buy list!

Book Blurb for Unexpected Pleasures

"A Dangerous Game"

As Lady Justina Wincott's brutal guardian, Viscount Biddeford promises any disobedience from her will cost her son dearly. A pawn in his games of court treachery, the beautiful widow is forced to tempt secrets from his enemies and seduce allegiance from his friends. Yet even Biddeford's wrath won't make Justina sully the only man of honour she's ever known...

Sir Synclair has earned his honour in blood and muck. War taught him the way to victory is rarely clean - but the passion Justina sparks in him is not to be ignored. Never mind the predators who crave her beauty, or Biddeford's ruthless wiles; he will have her as his wife. And yet if he is to wed Justina, his fiercest battle may be with the lady herself...

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 4.50