Federation Chronicles Book 1

The Federation and the Imperialists are fighting for control. Currently, there is a security leak within the Federation and small outposts are being destroyed. A team of special operatives need to go to the border of the Federation ‘verses and investigate. They will be going undercover as to not clue the guilty parties that they are being watched. The team being sent is made up of Sera Ayers, Brandt Pela and Ash Walker. Brandt and Ash are from the ranked Families while Sera is unranked. Ash and Sera have a history which may cause some problems with this mission.

Ten years ago, Sera and Ash were a couple even though socially they were not considered equal. Because Ash is a second son of one of the Families, he would need permission to marry, something he knew his father would never give if he wanted to marry Sera. The only position in his life that he could offer her would be mistress and though he would file the papers for this, Sera wasn’t willing to take this role. Ash ended up marrying for political reasons Brandt’s sister. Seven years ago, Ash’s wife filed to have the marriage dissolved and she married one of Ash’s cousins. Sera doesn’t know that yet but can she forget the pain she felt when she left Ash?

The ‘verse that this team is going to has very strict class distinctions. Because Ash and Brandt are members of Family, they will have access to all the top level people and gatherings. Sera, being unranked, will gain the most knowledge if she goes undercover as a mistress. In this particular ‘verse all activities are viewed so they will not only have to act as lovers in public but in private as well, even if it means having sex. With Sera’s history with Ash, she finds that she is more comfortable filling this role with Brandt but when an old tattoo with Ash’s mark is seen on Sera’s hip, they need to become a triad. Can they convince people that all of them have a relationship and that it works? Unknown to Sera, Ash and Brandt are more than best friends. They have expanded their friendship to include helping each other relieve sexual stress. Now if they can just include all of them.

I loved these characters. They were very well developed and seemed like real people that you could know. When Sera is told that she is leaving the team she had lead for another, her anger and frustration were felt. Brandt wanting to play peacemaker between Ash and Sera while fulfilling their mission was perfect. And these characters did not stand without family. Ash’s family became suspect for the leak they were investigating. The interaction between him, his family and his team gave insight to his character. None of the characters were perfect but they complimented each other well.

The story was well paced and the world that they were operating in was believable. Investigations have lots of grunt work and it was there as they worked on figuring out who was doing what and when. Nothing was just handed to them but as they were gathering the pieces to the puzzle the story didn’t stand still as they were also working on getting their relationship to work. The descriptions of the ‘verses were done well with no two exactly alike. The further away from the power center the more undisciplined the world. And even the transportation from one ‘verse to another was explained with ships going from one stop to another. 

Throughout this story though was lots of graphic sex. These scenes were tastefully and erotically done but were for the most part not mainstream. The most positive thing about them was they just weren’t about sex but they were about feelings and caring. If you can’t handle same sex encounters, domination and a bit of flogging, you may have some problems with this part of the story.

Overall, I loved the characters and the story. I had some issues with the sex but not so much that I didn’t want to continue reading. This book kept me up way past when I normally go to bed at night and I couldn’t wait to pick it up again in the morning.

Book Blurb for Undercover

A sexy debut exploring an erotic future universe of passion, danger, and deceit...

On the battleground or in the bedroom, one woman and two men fight for dominance in a bold, new, and excitingly different direction in erotica...

As a lieutenant of the Federation military, Sera Ayers is accustomed to giving orders, not taking them. Now she must obey the one man she can't stand—and can't stop thinking about.

With the enemy Imperialists gaining ground, a covert team is assembled by Ash Walker. Ten years before, Sera had lovingly submitted to Ash's dominance in the bedroom. But when he was forced into a political marriage, she refused to play mistress. His marriage now over, Ash wants Sera on his team—and back in his bed.

The third team member, Brandt Pela, has an elegance to match Ash's savage sexuality. And when their undercover plan requires Sera to pose as Brandt's lover, it ignites a passion among the three of them more dangerous than their mission.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 4.00