Two Times As Hot

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Two Times As Hot

Oklahoma Nights, Book 2

A wedding, an ex, a surprise pregnancy and two hot guys allow for more twists, turns and awesome scenes in this second book set in Oklahoma. The characters from the first book are involved in a new romance and where you might think this book is going based on the first book isn’t exactly where it goes. Instead, get ready for a wild ride. The characters will have you falling in love as they figure out where relationships are heading. This story feels real and possible. It had me hooked almost immediately. I loved that the lead characters were older and established. Hey, sex and love don’t end at 30! Even better, it was great to have a western romance where the leading man wasn’t a cowboy or millionaire but a soldier doing his job. That’s not to say that there aren’t cowboys in this story because you do know that it’s a western.

Though this is the second book in the series and the characters were all introduced in the first book, this doesn’t mean that you have to read the first book to thoroughly enjoy this one. (Though you should as it was excellent) Each book stands alone and can be read without having read the other. The stories do not have to be read in order or anything else. Just enjoy!

Emma is looking forward to attending her sister’s wedding. She has a few things she’d like to say to bull rider Jace Mills who charmed her into bed and then left her there before joining her so he could go help his ex. Sweet talking Jace talks Emma into being his date for the wedding within minutes which is a shame because when Emma meets Logan Hunt the sparks start to fly. Logan enjoys being single and has no plans on settling down. He also can’t deny the attraction he feels towards Emma. Can he cut Jace out of the picture and get a chance?

Book Blurb for Two Times As Hot

One Good Girl...

After her sister snags a hot Oklahoma cowboy, Emma Hart figures it's her turn to saddle up. And with two country boys pursuing her at once, she's in for a wild ride...

Two Sexy Guys...Lieutenant Colonel Logan Hunt can't deny the heat between him and Emma is fierce. But Logan isn't looking for anything serious...just a chance to blow off some steam. So why is he crazy jealous when he sees pro bull rider Jace Mills trying to charm Emma into bed?

Winner Takes All...

Logan knows he and Emma could have something special--and not just because she's smokin' hot. Now he has to find a way to prove that even a no-strings-attached guy like him can stick around for the long haul...

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 5.00