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Dai and Nico are two parts of a Holy Triad. They have been together for 10 years searching for the woman who will make their triad complete. So far they have felt threads of her magick but not enough to find her. For many years it seemed as though she moved frequently but recently they have felt it in the same place and plan to follow it as soon as they can.

Time is of the essence! The world is getting darker and colder and unless the seventh triad is formed it may stay that way or get worse. The High Mages of Vedicinn are contemplating attempting to stave off the Encroaching Darkness with the other triads if Dai and Nico don’t soon find their third. This approach could be dangerous.
Twyla has no idea that she is part of a Holy Triad. Her magick got her and her mother thrown out of every village that they had lived in. The villagers called them witches. Twyla had, in fact, pushed her magick out of herself on the night that her mother was raped and murdered and Twyla was sorely abused all because of her magick. She no longer trusts men nor does she want anything to do with any kind of magick. She lives in a remote house living off what she can grow and glean from the forest.
When Dai and Nico finally find Twyla, they figure out very quickly that they are going to have to earn her trust before they even attempt to merge as a triad. Going slowly will be hard on them in more ways than one. Being close to Twyla makes the sexual desire that they feel even more intense due to they holding the magick Twyla threw out of her body. They only way that they have found to take the edge off is with each other. Will Twyla be able to deal with that relationship as well as the one they want to make with her?
The only complaint I have is this story was way too short. 
The world that we got a quick glimpse of sounds interesting and full of rich history. I was left with questions and wonder about the other Holy Triads. This world intrigued me and festinated me.
Though I enjoyed the characters, I would have loved them to be more developed but again this was a very short story and there was only so much space. However, Ms Bast took full advantage of every word and scene to give the characters more depth than I would have expected. You were able to learn a great deal about each character’s history giving them a past which influences their future.
A great deal of this story revolves around sex. This is how a triad merges, not only their bodies but their magick. Each triad is made of both sexes and all are lovers with each other. As Twyla isn’t ready to accept Dai and Nico immediately, they turn to each other to take the edge of their sexual desires. Once Twyla does trust Dai and Nico to complete their merge they must all have sex together. This may offend some readers so you need to know that these types of scenes are prevalent throughout the story.
It only took me a very short while to read this entire story. I was impressed with how much was accomplish on so few pages. Dai and Nico had to find Twyla, gain her trust, save the world while Twyla wants revenge on the men who murdered her mother. Can everyone have a happy ending? Well, maybe not the bad guys!
Oh and before anyone thinks Twyla is a meek, scared woman, she’s not. As usual Ms Bast has a strong female main character.
I normally don’t read books with m/m sexual content. I made an exception for this story when I saw the author. I like Ms. Bast’s books and I’m glad that I didn’t miss this story. It kept my interest from the first page when Dai and Nico crest the top of a mountain to see a tower to the last when Twyla confronts one of the men who murdered her mother. While I still don’t like m/m sex, I really enjoyed this book. In fact, I’d love to read more about this wonderful world and its triads. I wonder if there are any more books out there. If not, could we have some please?

Book Blurb for Twilight

The dark, the light…and one to merge them.

Nico and Dai have searched for years for the third member of their Sacred Triad. Their combined energy released in a sexual ritual will drag their reality back from the Encroaching Darkness, a mystical force that threatens their world.

Finally, Nico and Dai have found her.

But Twyla has been emotionally damaged by an event in her past and has lost her magick. It will take all of Nico and Dai’s deep love to help her overcome her fear and give her the sexual healing she desperately needs.

Publisher's Note: Originally appeared in the And Lady Makes Three anthology.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 4.00