Turquoise Moon

1 Night Stand Series

Power struggles and the desire for power are central themes in this addition to the 1 Night Stand series. Only secrecy and trust will change the course of Kara Vinsenz’s life. The werepuma she’s to marry has been influencing her father and the entire pack for years. Kara doesn’t know how but she wants no part of him causing her to go against her upbringing. She meets with Ben Harkil and Jude Carson who are looking for an alpha female werepuma to start their own pack. The attraction is almost immediate but everything comes crashing down when Kara is found out. Only trust will save Kara and her pack.

This is a terrific short paranormal story that has me wanting more. Not only is Kara an interesting character but her twin sister also intrigued me. Ben and Jude do more than hold their own. The magical twist only added interest. I don’t recall ever reading Ann Mayburn before but with this as an example of her writing, I’m wanting to read more. In the few short pages that made up this story, she was able to create a world, introduce interesting characters with background stories and thoroughly keep my interest.

Book Blurb for Turquoise Moon

Werepuma and sheltered virgin Kara Vinsenz has no idea how to entice men, furry or otherwise. She contacts Madame Eve of the 1Night Stand matchmaking service in a desperate attempt to avoid a terrible arranged marriage to a psychopathic shifter. In a daring move that goes against her confined upbringing, she poses as her twin sister to escape her family compound in the hopes of meeting an Alpha and a Beta strong enough to be her mates. She waits to meet them until she goes into heat and is totally unprepared for the consequences of her actions.

Ben Harkil and Jude Carson are on the hunt for the perfect Alpha female to complete their Pride and when they meet Kara, they believe their prayers have been answered. What starts out as a 1Night Stand ends up being so much more when Kara realizes that her lies may have doomed from the start the only love that can save her and her Pride from a madman.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 4.50