Turn and Burn

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Turn and Burn

A Blacktop Cowboys Novel

Lorelei James has to be the best contemporary western writer ever……but think erotic romance, not ride-em cowboy though cowboys are rode. Turn and Burn lets you live in Muddy Gap, WY where cows probably out number people by quite a lot! Based around a group of friends, most who have some sort of tie to rodeos, readers enjoy the ups and downs of rural life and the joys and heart aches. Though this is part of a series, it can be read without having read any of the other books in the series but really, you’re going to want to read them all! Emotional ties with wrap themselves around your heart and have you laughing, crying and occasionally wanting to hit someone upside the head. Nothing is sugar coated so expect rough and sometimes raunchy conversations, but these only reflect honest heartfelt thoughts, dreams and realities. (For those that haven’t read any of Ms James’s books, she uses local dialect in her dialogs so expect some regional speech patterns.)

Tanna Barker is a feisty Texan and three time barrel racer champion who hasn’t raced in months due to injury and her horse having been put down. Currently she’s homeless due to her father selling the family ranch and scared to even be around horses. But her friends have found her a summer job selling western wear and bartending. At her last stop before arriving for her new job, Tanna stops at a bar and ends up having a one night stand with a handsome cowboy. August Fletcher agrees to the one night stand without exchanging names or personal information. He hopes to learn more in the morning but when morning comes, the woman is gone only to show up again at a friend’s ranch! Though veterinarian, Fletch works long hard hours, he’s wanting to get to know Tanna. First he has to earn her trust…….

Not a single rodeo scene in the entire book but plenty of hot cowboys. Couples and characters from previous stories are included in this one which is awesome for fans of the Blacktop Cowboy series. No one writes a better western romance story than Ms James. The flavor and character of WY comes through allowing you to visualize every setting. Better still, in this book, you learn that there is a difference between cowboys in Texas and those in Wyoming. Once again, I’ve finished the story but I’m still connected to the characters and Muddy Gap, WY.

Book Blurb for Turn and Burn

Tanna Barker is a world champion barrel racer. But her personal life has been less of a success, and she’s feeling adrift. After her mother’s unexpected death, her father has remarried, and sold the Texas ranch she called home. Now a rodeo injury has left the restless spitfire holed up in Muddy Gap, unsure what her next move should be.

Until she meets her match in a wild, wild cowboy

Veterinarian August Fletcher has always put his job first. He’s never found a woman who could handle his on-the-road lifestyle. But when sassy, sexy Tanna blows into town, he finally finds the woman of his fantasies. And there’s something between them, but she claims she’s been burned by love ’em and leave ’em road dogs before. How can Fletch prove that he’s in it for the long haul, and that their sizzling relationship is better than winning any rodeo medal? It’ll take some sweet persuasion to convince Tanna that Muddy Gap is where she belongs.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 5.00