Turbulent Sea

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Turbulent Sea

Suspenseful paranormal erotic romance

The seven Drake sisters have special powers.  The older six are proficient in one and are some what proficient in other while the youngest embodies all of their powers.  One can control the wind, another can heal, still another can call on animals and so on.  Each has been meeting their mate until it’s just the youngest two who are left.
Joley’s special gift is being able to use her voice to influence people and she loves to sing.  She’s a famous rock and roll singer with a fantastic band.  Joley doesn’t plan on getting married and definitely does not want children.  She plans on being the favorite aunt.  Several months ago she meet Ilya Prakenskii, a Russian hit man.  He put some kind of mark on her that she can’t remove.  While Ilya scares Joley, she also trusts him and doesn’t see any real evil in him.  When Ilya’s boss keeps showing up to Joley’s shows, she sees more of Ilya than she’s comfortable with but doesn’t know what to do about it.
Ilya grew up in Russia.  He was sent to a state school at a very young age and was trained to be a killer.  His current job is working for a man who has close ties to the Russian mafia.  Ilya is attracted to Joley but has not really acted on it.  He too has special powers but not just one or two.  He controls six similar powers to the Drake sisters.  This not only makes him dangerous but it means that Joley can run but she can’t hide! 
When Joley gets up on the edge of danger, Ilya takes over as her body guard with his boss’s blessing.  The more they are around each other, the more the attraction grows.  Can Joley who doesn’t like violence in any form accept what Ilya does for a living?  Can Ilya change for Joley?  And when a roadie gets murdered and young girls disappear, can Ilya keep Joley safe long enough for them to find out?
This is the 6th book in the Drake sister’s series.  While it can be read on its own, it makes more sense if it is read in the order in which the books were written.  Many of the characters from previous books are in this one which gives readers a nice update on the entire Drake family.  However, previous events are also mentioned and though it’s not real important, it’s nice to really know about them by reading about the lead ups and follow ups to them which are in the previous books. 
This book is very fast paced and drags you into it very quickly.  As the band travels from concert to concert, you go along with them.  And as fast as the band traveled, the book moved right with them.
Several subplots with the band were going on as Joley and Ilya’s story was developing.  Logan got a psycho groupie pregnant and has taken full custody of the baby.  His wife whom he split with several years ago is asked to come help him take care of the baby.  She does but for what reason and what’s going to happen when the tour is over?  Brian admits to Joley that he’s gay.  He’s scared that if he comes out the band will ask him to leave.  He’s also fallen in love and the guy that he loves may not be what he seems.  If he comes out, what will happen to the people who are closer to him than his family?  And with one roadie killed, is the roadie that Joley saw with him when the teen girls disappeared involved with the murder?  Where they involved with the girls disappearing?
As questions get answered more seem to come up needing more answers.

Book Blurb for Turbulent Sea

An All-New Drake Sisters Novel Bewitching rock superstar Joley Drake can have any lover she wants. But when her life is threatened, her dangerously sexy bodyguard is the only man she needs. There’s just one problem: his shadowy reputation as a secret Russian hit man may put Joley in even greater peril…

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2008 4.75