Triple the Taste

Savor Book 2

Josh and Aubrey were introduced in the previous book in this series and you knew that they had to have their own story. This is it and it’s nothing like I thought it would be. Well, it started off as I thought with Josh and Aubrey dating but then quickly it changed as a new character shows up, Kristoff. Now things get complex and hold on to your hat because things get really rocky! Attractions flair and uncomfortable situations happen as Aubrey learns to deal with Josh’s ex. Feelings become totally jumbled and everyone thinks they know what is the right thing to do. It doesn’t take long before you feel for all of the characters and wonder how they will decide to proceed. And, just as you think things are going to develop, the story ends. Bummer. Okay, I just wanted more hot scenes and a bit more. You really do get an ending. And, you get introduced to a bunch of really interesting characters that I want to know more about.

Josh and Aubrey have been seeing each other for a while when Josh learns that his ex, Kristoff is coming back to Denver. While Josh loves Aubrey, he still has feelings for Kristoff. He doesn’t expect to meet Kristoff while having dinner with Aubrey and their boss. It’s obvious that things aren’t settled between the two men. But, what about Aubrey?

Book Blurb for Triple the Taste

Josh and Aubrey become a couple after meeting at work. The job is on a mac-n-cheese food truck, and their boss, Seth, has offered both of them the chance of a lifetime at their age—to manage his new, second truck. As they begin to work together more, their feelings deepen.

But Josh has a secret; one he feels he must tell Aubrey before their relationship gets more serious. He’s bisexual, and has ex’s of both sexes. One of those is Kristoff, Josh’s most long-standing relationship to date, who left Austin and Josh behind to answer the call of duty at his parents’ business.

Now Kristoff is back and wants to reconnect with Josh. Seeing the only person he’s ever loved, just as he’s falling for Aubrey, completely throws Josh. Just when he thought he could finally forget the man and be happy with someone else; old feeling resurface. Aubrey’s confused, too, since she feels a strange pull to this man she should regard as competition for Josh’s heart.

As the three navigate a possible ménage situation, they each have doubts about its viability. But in the end, will they be left with nothing, or will the three get a taste and be hooked?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2015 4.50