Training the Dom

I fell in love with Christine D’Abo’s writing when I read her trilogy series, Long Shots. I couldn’t get enough of her stories and was thrilled to see this story come available for review. It is a stand-alone story whose main characters were introduced in the story Dom for Sale. While plot points in that story are mentioned in this one, it is not necessary to read Dom for Sale to thoroughly enjoy Training the Dom. And, I most definitely enjoyed Training the Dom.

Just about the entire first chapter of this 70 page story is devoted to a BDSM scene leaving me to wonder if I was going to get an actual story. I should have known better. The story wasn’t what I expected but was so much more than I anticipated. The characters became real. Their flaws, quirks and kinks were believable and the struggles each faced realistic. It was super easy to identify with each and the choices each were forced to make. As the story was written from Liz’s point of view, being able to feel Garth’s emotions was due to superb writing. The ending was perfect and not only did the Dom get trained but the reader is being educated. What a great win-win!

Liz and Garth have been dating for 4 months and enjoying BDSM scenes. Everything is perfect except Garth refuses to have intercourse with Liz and Liz is going crazy with want. She knows Garth still grieves his wife but she’s been dead for four years. In desperation, she takes charge, becoming Mistress Elizabeth for one night. Can she push Garth past his breaking point so he will heal or will she push him too far losing him forever?

Book Blurb for Training the Dom

While Training the Dom is a standalone novel, readers are introduced to Liz and Gareth in the novella Dom for Sale.

The best thing that ever happened to me was buying Master Gareth at a charity auction four months ago. Since then our relationship has really taken off, except…he won’t have sex with me. He takes me over the edge in every way, but we haven’t gone all the way. Yet.

He’s shown me so much, helped me become a better submissive. But I know he’s still nursing a broken heart. I need to help him get over the past so he can move on with his life.

So for one night I’ll stop being Liz, willing submissive, and turn into Mistress Elizabeth. I plan to show him that letting go of the past will help with his future. A future I can only hope will involve me.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2012 4.50