Totally His

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Totally His

Opposites Attract, #3

This is the third book about a trio of roommates but each book can stand alone so start reading. There is plenty of humor and family throughout this story and if you read Ms. Nicholas’s books some of the secondary characters might feel as if you already know them. Yeah, it feels as if you are in your old neighborhood and hanging out with friends. This is a definite plus in my book. Anyway, Sophie is an actor who has been acting a part ever since she can remember. Her dad was a con man and Sophie was part of his con. Finn is a cop, just like his dad was. He’s straight forward and steady. These are two characters that probably shouldn’t have gotten together but they work so very well together. I loved the dynamics between them and between their families. Their families aren’t even close to being the same. This is one of those stories that you just don’t want to put down until you’re finished and then you can’t wait for more. Will there be more? I don’t know but I do know that if Ms. Nicholas writes it, I want to read it. She’s just that good and this book is a wonderful example of her style.

Sophie knew that her theater was on fire but that didn’t matter. She had to go back in. Sneaking past all the cops and fire fighters would be hard but she thought she could get down to the side entrance. Finn doesn’t know why the woman dressed in underwear is going into a burning building but she isn’t going to stay in it on his watch. Nothing is worth going into a burning building. It takes a while to find her and Finn thoughts aren’t always on getting her out. Can they come to a compromise on leaving the building? And, will Finn want to follow through on his thoughts once they are out?

Book Blurb for Totally His

Actress Sophie Birch is used to having to look out for herself. So when her theater catches fire and a big guy scoops her up into his arms to save her, she's going to fight every step of the way. Even if he's a cop. And really sexy. And his arms feel oh-so-good.

Finn Kelly can't help but appreciate how good the woman in his arms looks in her sexy pink lingerie. Even if she's currently resisting arrest.

But as the two get to know each other, they're both surprised by the things Finn is willing to do to get closer to her. And when Sophie's estranged father arrives in town and starts causing trouble, the stage is set for disaster...unless Finn can convince her that, for once in her life, she has someone to lean on.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2017 4.50