To the One I Never Forgot

The Wyoming Romances, #1

This is a very short story, less than 20 pages. With that being said, do not expect a lot of depth or conflict because there just isn’t enough pages. Things move extremely quickly and while there are lots of references to Zack and Gianna’s high school years, a clear view is not given. Some details and facts you’re just going to have to go with the flow because they are either not there or are questiontionable. (i.e. Zack is out of the Army, had time to find a gold mine, gotten rich in a year and yet has only been out of high school for 5 years. Basic military enlistment is usually 6 or 8 years.) Also, Zack has PTSD and that isn’t worked into the story well or believable. Still, I liked the premise of a website. For a quick, no thinking read, this may be the one for you. It’s not a bad story.

Due to a misunderstanding and an interfering mother, Zack and Gianna haven’t seen each other or spoken since high school. Now from a chance post online, they have a chance to reconnect. They haven’t forgotten each other and there may not be another chance. Should they do it?

Book Blurb for To the One I Never Forgot

What if lost love could be found again? What if a way existed to start all over? Gianna’s life hasn’t been right since Zack joined the Army and never once looked back. She had thought she and Zack were forever, their love a bud of youthful passion that would blossom into a romance to last a lifetime. But everything broke apart that summer when Zack left. Everything, including Gianna herself.

Zack thought joining the military would ensure a way to get an education and a good start on a life with Gianna. So when he didn’t hear a single word from her after he left, not even the requisite Dear John email, he thought she had finally bowed to her mother’s wishes and let him go.

As the years pass and her relationships with men fail one after another, Gianna becomes determined to find Zack again. But Zack has apparently disappeared, and no search engine can turn up even a trace of him.

So it seems fated when one lonely night Gianna stumbles across a website called To the One I Never Forgot. Surely there isn’t a chance in a billion that Zack might see a post from her, but soon she is typing out her wistfulness for anyone to register and read.

But Zack does find the post addressed to the one I never forgot, and instantly recognizes the author, who calls herself Brown Eyed Girl. He knows in his heart the writer is Gianna. The girl who once cut him out of her life. So although the memories she posts about are his memories too, he has to ask himself, does he want to answer?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2014 3.00