To Sing Frogs

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To Sing Frogs

Family, desire, faith and ability are determining factors in the Simmons family’s journey to build their family the way they wanted it. From meeting with a MI social worker to determining that an adopting from Russia would better fit their family, John Simmons takes readers on a roller coaster ride that has twists, turns and even loops! With four sons, they wanted a daughter and what seemed to them to be a simple idea came to cause John and his family to take a look at their beliefs. John tells this story from his perspective and it feels as if you’re part of his family. From having to face questions like what if the girl you decide on has a sibling and to how many children are they willing and able to adopt. It’s heart wrenching as they have to leave children behind and heart warming as they bond with the new additions to their family.

There are several reasons I absolutely loved this book. John tells the story from the heart and it shows. He shares his thoughts, feelings and actions without apology. He gives the good, the bad and the in between. Just because you’ve brought your child home doesn’t mean things are wonderful and he explains some of the problems with international adoption and some of the things those children bring with them. This is a feel good story but it’s also realistic and isn’t always sweetness and light. This gives it an impact that is unquestionable and will have you thinking about it for days or months to come.

If you’ve ever considered adoption, especially an overseas adoption, read this book. If you love kids, read this book. If you just want a good story, read this book. And, what is better is the profits from this book is going into a fund to help those who age out of these impoverished orphanages.

At the end of this story is a what happens next which is an organization was set up to help those who age out. And, another book is coming to share this wonderful family’s experiences with the teens they made part of their family. I can’t wait!

Book Blurb for To Sing Frogs

The true story about family, friends, life and other things that don't make sense.

Venture deep into the heart-warming-and heart-wrenching-world of international adoption as John Simmons family's personal quest to rescue five children from impoverished rural Russian orphanage. To Sing Frogs recounts the Simmons family's journey to discover the true meaning of family, while nurturing Sarah, adopted at age five, through the inner turmoil of survivor's guilt, having left so many of her closest friends behind at the orphanage.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 5.00