To Maryland from Overseas

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To Maryland from Overseas

This book is an awesome resource book for anyone researching early ancestors from the state of Maryland. There are lists of who came over on which boats and when. There are even lists of who bought indentures. While most of the people and lists are from the early to mid 1700’s, there are some great mini-biographies of several colonialists making them feel more real. There are some short stories letting you know why some of these people came to Maryland and what they left behind. Not everyone was poor and a criminal nor was everyone wealthy and titled. It shows a mix of reasons and ways. Also, though Maryland started as a Catholic colony, not everyone is even Catholic. Great reference book.

Book Blurb for To Maryland from Overseas

A Complete Digest of the Jacobite Loyalists Sold Into White Slavery in Maryland, and the British and Contintental Background

Maryland genealogical and historical reference

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 4.00