To Command and Collar

Masters of the Shadowlands, #5

To Command and Collar picks up the story line from Make Me, Sir concerning the kidnapping of women who enjoy BDSM. It’s not necessary to read Make Me, Sir though to enjoy this book.

The FBI has been struggling to find out more about this slavery ring for a while but have been unable to get anyone inside. So, when Shadowlands Master Raoul gets invited to an auction they accept his offer of help. They don’t like using civilians but there seems to be no other way. Raoul has been told not to buy any slave offered so that he is invited to the bigger auction coming up.

Raoul plans on following that order until he realizes that one of the slaves being offered is his friend Marcus’s submissive’s friend Kim. There is no way that he can leave Kim to the sadistic Overseer or chance that she will be bought by someone else. He tries to minimize the trauma that he must give to Kim to make his trying out period realistic but Kim knows better. She’s been bought before.

Kim knows that she has very few chances to get away. Even though this Master R is treating her better than her previous master, she knows that this treatment can and probably will change as soon as he gets her to his home. She refuses to let down her guard and she will look for any chance she can to escape.

Raoul does buy Kim, ruining the FBI’s plan but making Gabi, Marcus’s submissive very happy. Unfortunately, though Kim is now free from the slavers she still can’t go home. A move complex plan is developed and if it works the slavery ring for the southeast will be shut down. Can Kim continue to cooperate with the FBI or will her experiences cause her to shatter?

Raoul never wanted another slave but it seems that he will have to train Kim to pass the slavers inspections. Can he keep his heart safe or will this reluctant slave wiggle her way in?

There’s lots of action in this book about the Shadowlands Masters. Besides the slavery ring and the attraction between Raoul and Kim, there are updates on other Masters and Kim’s former master wants her back so he can slowly kill her.

Ms. Sinclair’s characters are real. They have families, dreams, desires and definite personalities. There is no one way to be a Dom or to be a submissive. There are lots of ways and none of her characters are the same. From sassy Sally to terrified Kim, each submissive has her own way of acting and treating her Dom. They also have families and friendships which rounds out their lives. Some may live as a slave within her relationship but there are no doormats in this book! The Doms are professionals who like to be in charge. They also have a sense of humor and inventive ways of keeping their subs in line. Again, no two are alike which makes them interesting in different ways.

Kim and Raoul’s families have had a big influence on their lives. As they share their pasts, how they react to certain things becomes clear. Raoul’s family doesn’t understand his lifestyle and has removed themselves from his life. This hurts him but he has no idea how to fix it. Kim’s father wasn’t the man he needed to be and Kim has no desire to follow her mother’s footsteps and become a slave to any man’s whims. Though Kim and Raoul are attracted to each other, until they figure out how to deal with the feeling they have concerning family influences, they may not be able to figure out their relationship.

Master Sam comes to the forefront in this book. Master Sam likes to inflect pain but only to those willing. Can he give a good enough show for the Overseer to get an invite to the auction?

Unlike most of the books in this series, this book does not mostly take place in Club Shadowlands. Instead, this book mostly takes place in Raoul’s home. This change of pace keeps this series fresh and unique.

However, what hasn’t changed is the emotional pull that the characters have. The pain that they feel comes across the page in waves. The terror that the slaves have and the distrust they display comes through equally as well. However, on the flip side, you can almost of into subspace with the submissives and as they are praised you are right there with them. This draw will keep you emotionally tied to this book well after you have finished reading it.

This is a BDSM book. Usually, these types of books have only the good, pleasant aspects of consensual play in them. Not so this book. Many ugly aspects come out through the slavers actions that you never want to think about but should. How well do you know that Dom and how much trust should you be giving? While the Masters of the Shadowlands are safe, well trained Doms, not everyone who calls themselves a Dom is. This raw look at the bad side of this fetish is graphic and disturbing but necessary. Again, flipside. The play at the Shadowlands and its Masters is interesting. These Doms are inventive and attentive. They are what everyone would love to have. Though these Masters might not be real, some of their play may give you ideas of what you might want to try at home. (Warning: not all play activities are safe to try without some sort of training. Do not exceed your skill level.)

As usual, I loved this latest addition to the Shadowland’s series. I’ve always loved Master Raoul and couldn’t wait to read his book and it was excellent. I wondered how the FBI would get into this horrid slavery ring and found the solution interesting. Master Sam had always been a minor character but now he has sparked my interest and I hope he has his own book soon.

I actually bought and read this book prior to it becoming available to review. I quickly read it, loved it and knew I’d need to reread it. After I reread it to write this review, I realized that I had missed some small details during the first reading and that I enjoyed it just as much the second time. It’s not often that you can reread a book and find that you loved it the second time as well as the first. Ms. Sinclair’s books are those type of books though.

Graphic BDSM scenes, outstanding Doms, horrid villains, FBI operations and an emotional pull are just some of the reasons I just couldn’t put this book down. It’s the whole package, not just a partial package where some things are well done and others just so-so. While I recommend reading the entire Shadowlands series, you could start with just this one. Each book can stand alone.

Now, the long wait until the next book.

Book Blurb for To Command and Collar

Determined to find the human traffickers preying on Shadowlands' submissives, Master Raoul gets himself invited to a small slave auction. Once informed, the FBI orders him to reject the limited choices so the slavers will invite him to the big auction. To Raoul's shock, one of the slaves is the kidnapped friend of a Shadowlands sub. She has a scarred body...and an unbroken spirit. He can't leave her behind. Ruining the FBI's carefully laid plans, he buys her.

Kimberly's freedom has come at a devastating price: the other women are still slaves. An FBI raid is their only hope for rescue. Desperate to help the Feds locate the big auction, she agrees to pose as Master Raoul's slave. Wearing a collar again is terrifying, but under the powerful dominant's care, Kim starts to heal and then to blossom. This is what she's been drawn to-and fled from-her entire life.

She escaped the slavers who captured her body-can she escape the master who's captured her heart?

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable: anal play, BDSM theme and elements (including/not limited to: bondage, fire play, flogging), violence.

Series: Masters of the Shadowlands; Previous Book: Make Me, Sir

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 5.00