Through My Window

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Through My Window

This is the first book in a series by Ms Rylon about Star, a sex worker in Amsterdam. This first book is a great introduction of who Star is and why she does what she does. The story isn't done by chapters but by the time of the night. You start with her opening up and finish with her leaving for the morning. Three of her customers are highlighted; a young American, a bouncer on break from a nearby sex show and an older couple. Her actions and motives with each are different making Star a bit more than a paid lay.

Star is the main attraction in her window over looking the canals and it's her point of view that this book is written in. You don't know the motives of her customers only Star's impressions and desires. She does a great job though!

This book would definitely be classified erotic though maybe not erotic romance. There is plenty of sex given the subject matter but not much romance. However, if you look close, you might see the romance that will be starting in the next book.

Okay, I did everything backwards with this series starting at story 3, then reading story 2 and reading the first story last. Not the way I would suggest reading them. However, story three intrigued me so much that I had to read story 2. Story 2 had me wondering on how did this series start and so I continued my way backwards to story one. Each was fantastic in its own way and I truly am glad that I didn't miss any of them.

Star being a sex worker may turn off some readers. Don't let it. In Europe, being a sex worker is legal and regulated helping keep not only the workers safe from harm and disease but their clients also. This is a legitimate job choice with unions, benefits and everything else that comes with a regular job.

If I hadn't already fallen in love with Star, I definitely would have reading this story. She takes you into her world and lets you see what she does and why. It's more than just a bunch of hot sex, though that is in there, it's getting a glimpse of a life style we seldom see.

Give this story a try but don't be surprise if you fall in love with Star too!

Book Blurb for Through My Window

“Through my window, a sea of strangers swirl and retreat like waves in an ocean of humanity. I brush my hair, fix my makeup and flip on the glaring red light in my booth before turning to face my audience on the other side of the glass.”For Star, this is another night on the job, though no two are ever alike. Adaptable and perceptive, she becomes many things in the course of one evening—whore, lover, nurse, psychologist and friend. But above all, she’s still a woman. Join her, through her window.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 5.00