These Boots Were Made For Strutting

Lisa Cach, Gemma Halliday, Melanie Jackson

These Boots were Made for Strutting…..and stunning and knocking ‘em dead is a collection of three novellas by three different authors; Lisa Cach, Gemma Halliday and Melanie Jackson. The three stories are: A Rose by Any Other Name, So I Dated an Axe Murder and And They Danced.
A Rose by Any Other Name has shy landscaper Kelsey working on a home with an assistant Bridget and her goats. Kelsey has never meet the homeowner and knows only that the homeowner is male and travels a lot which means her dealings with him have been over email. Kelsey is very shy and can never seem to say the right thing at the right time plus her family has a history of skin cancer causing Kelsey to work covered from head to toe regardless of how hot it is. Homeowner, Jack Lovgren has just gotten back from Japan and is awoken by some strange woman yelling out his window. Without thinking, he jumps out of bed and presents Kelsey with an eye level view of his penis. Jack forgot he didn’t have anything on when he went to the window to complain. Kelsey develops a crush on Jack but Jack just sees a strange woman who works in his yard.
In So I Dated an Axe Murder, Kya Bader is a certified geek. She develops webpages and truly has no real life. She goes home to her cat and plays WOW (Wizards of Warcraft). While shopping for some shoes, she is attracted to model Blake Stone. When she gets the opportunity to work with him strange things start happening especially when Kya starts asking questions about Blake’s former girlfriend who happens to have drowned in his pool! Kya is pretty sure Blake is responsible but she really likes him.
Avel is an accountant but he’s also a competitive ballroom dancer. When his partner decides to stay in Hawaii, he asks Faith to partner him in a local competition for charity in And They Danced. The last time Faith danced with Avel, she stepped on his feet a couple of times so dancing in front of people wasn’t high on her to do list. Still, Avel was someone she really would like to get to know a lot better. Now, if she can only get through the dances without looking like a complete fool.
There are two threads that tie these stories together into one terrific and funny book. The first is shoes and the other growth.
Each lady found the website Each had a different view of it as the site tailored itself to the woman looking at it. All of the shoes on the site are fantastic yet each lady found THE pair for her. When they put on the shoes, they felt different, more sexy, more confident, more sure of themselves. The shoes were magic yet each pair was as unique as its wearer.
Each lady while beautiful and smart lacked the confidence to go after the man that they desired. While wearing their magic shoes, they were able to do things they normally wouldn’t have tried even though they may have wanted to. They were able to be that special someone that lived inside of them but never had the chance to get out and shine. Even though the shoes were magic, the magic that the ladies found within themselves was even better.
I enjoyed this book. I don’t normally enjoy “fashion” books as I don’t really follow fashion. This book didn’t push name brand this and that but let the reader feel how special you can feel when you’re wearing something unique and beautiful.

Book Blurb for These Boots Were Made For Strutting

Ever been at sixes and sevens but longed to be a perfect ten? Ever wanted to swing, to strut, to dance through life and know the world is your oyster? Ever wanted to show a megaton more moxie than Marilyn Monroe? You'll be relieved to learn there are supernatural shoes that can make your dreams come true. With just the right lifts, every woman can be the belle of the ball. The trick is to find your partner before the music fades, because the real magic happens when the shoes come off.

After a single trip to, our heroines will be able to win any heart. Who will win theirs?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 3.00