The Wild West of Louis L'Amour

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The Wild West of Louis L'Amour

An Illustrated Companion to the Frontier Fiction of an American Icon

I love Louis L’Amour’s books and have since I was a teenager. I couldn’t wait to read this book and see what new insights I would find. There are 10 chapters covering everything from gunslingers to reading sign to the lay of the land. Each takes what is historically or physically there and compares it to the books Mr. L’Amour wrote. Multiple pictures help illustrate points being made or just to illustrate what is being discussed. There are a lot of details and at some points this book does drag. I was disappointed that the captions under the pictures were pieces of the text and not additional information. This made it confusing when reading and suddenly the exact same paragraph you’re reading is one you have already read. Yet, the book covered Mr. L’Amour’s life, experiences and how his many books came about. It was interesting to learn though I did discover that reading it in one sitting was impossible. It almost has a text book feel to it which can make it a bit dry. However, it also has a lot of really good information in it. Overall, if you are a fan of his work, this book might interest you. If you are a fan of western novels, this book might interest you. In other words, there is a broad audience who would enjoy this book. Don’t expect a story but do expect a well written book full of information and snippets of the many books written by Louis L’Amour.

Book Blurb for The Wild West of Louis L'Amour

Heroes, adventure, history and trouble - discover it all through the eyes and pen of Louis L'Amour.

At the time of his death in 1988, all of Louis L'Amour's 100 novels and short-story collections remained in print, a testament to the popularity of a prolific writer best known for his fast-paced tales of the American West. The Wild West of Louis L'Amour is a richly illustrated, sumptuous book commemorating one of America's most beloved and successful authors and the landscapes, characters, and violent times he portrayed.

Author Tim Champlin (himself a writer of Western historical fiction) uncovers all of the secrets of L'Amour's themes and characters - geography of the West, lone heroes, gunfighters, mining and ranching, women, Native Americans, food, and transportation. The frontier regions, towns, and events that featured in L'Amour's writing, as well as the real folks on whom his characters were based, come to life through thoroughly researched illustrations. The collection of more than 200 images includes maps, period photos and daguerreotypes, period illustrations, paintings of the regions discussed, modern photography of towns and countryside, and cover art from L'Amour's books and the pulp magazines in which he was published before he became a best-selling author.

For the true L'Amour fan, The Wild West of Louis L'Amour is also a complete history of his colorful early life as a cowboy, lumberjack, longshoreman, prizefighter, merchant seaman, and army officer.

No L'Amour fan will want to skip this comprehensive, beautiful look at the writer, the man, and the world in which he set his tales.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2015 4.00