The Wild Sight

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The Wild Sight

Donovan O’Shea near expected or wanted to return to Ireland. He left at 17 to make his way in the United States yet when his sister calls to let him know that their father has had a stroke and he’s needed, he returns. For years, what Donovan calls a curse while others a gift had not bothered him but upon return to the family land, it returns with a vengeance. Though he tries to avoid the property and is working with a professor to get the country to buy it for the historic treasures that can be found in the fen, when a dead man is found Donovan becomes involved in a 20 year old crime scene. It doesn’t matter that he was only 7 when the crime occurred and doesn’t remember it at all!
Rylie Powell has come to Ireland to find the father that walked out on her and her mother when she was just a toddler. After hiring a private investigator, she’s told that the Dermont O’Shea listed on her birth certificate is located in a small Irish town. She intends on meeting him and finding out why he left but instead of Dermont she finds his son, Donovan. 
Donovan is positive that his father isn’t Rylie’s father but is very reluctant to let her see him due to Dermont’s ill health. At least, she had better not be given the feelings he feels for her and it doesn’t help that she seems to have the same feelings towards Donovan. With DNA tests finally run, the results and the truth give answers neither Donovan or Rylie expect.
This book was riveting   All things thought of as typical Irish are in it but in a fresh non-touristy way. Donovan has The Sight and it’s a curse to him yet it helps define who he is. The Troubles and the IRA are discussed and put in context to today and yesterday’s Ireland giving a lesson in history without being preachy or boring. Things from the past influenced the actions and passions of today making the reader feel as though they could understand the forming of the events included in this book. Weather it’s Druids of old Ireland, the current day police force, or the IRA, murder and betrayal intertwined with Rylie’s search for her father and her budding relationship with Donovan. 
The characters were done extremely well done, weather they were primary or secondary characters. As Rylie comments, Donovan didn’t look like any CPA she’d ever seen and didn’t act like one either. Of course, Rylie being from CA was always being mistaken for an actress. Their personalities told you that they were just everyday people with relationships and problems like everyone else. Donovan’s sister, Doreen, didn’t think anyone was good enough for her baby brother while Rylie’s B&B landlady, Mrs. Cook, wanted to know everything that was going on. Each character brought their own charm and quirks with none of them being a stereotype or boring.
Great care was given to portray Ireland as it truly is and not as a touristy place though readers are given a tour of the Giant’s Causeway. The pub that Donovan’s father owns it described as a small place with only 4 seat groups along the wall and a few tables. Even the town was described in such a way that you knew that a big modern grocery store was not down the street. And the streets are even included as narrow and pot holed. You felt as though you were seeing the true Ireland and not what the tourist board would like you to see.
I liked it, I enjoyed it and I recommend it. This book has mystery, a love story, a little history and action all rolled into a story that I didn’t want to put down. 

Book Blurb for The Wild Sight

Sensual romantic suspense with a paranormal element, set in Ireland featuring a hero with psychic powers and the beautiful young woman who claims to be his half-sister. The marshy fens hold the answers, as well as violent mysteries from his and his family's past.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 5.00