The Virgin and the Best Man

1 Night Stand Series

Though this story is obviously part of the 1 Night Stand series, and part of a series within that series, it is a bit longer than the usual story. However, that only means that you’ll find yourself glued to the page a bit longer and not bored one bit! This story is awesome as Ray tries to distract Karin from her 1 Night Stand date even though it will mean that he will miss his as well.

Karin and Ray are the maid of honor and best man for her cousin, Julia and his brother, Mark’s wedding. As a gift, they are given a date with the dating service 1 Night Stand. Karin is super exited. She’s still a virgin in her 20’s and being a small town librarian means that dating opportunities are sparse. Ray is a playboy, much like his brother. He doesn’t know why it bothers him so much that Karin is going on a date and probably going to lose her virginity but it does and he’s going to do everything he can so Karin misses her date. In the process, Ray learns that he might make a perfect stand-in for Karin’s mystery date. But, what happens when the night is over?

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story. Characters from other stories appeared even as new ones emerged. Ray’s attempts on keeping Karin distracted were perfect. The romance is even better. I have to highly recommend this slightly longer than average 1 Night Stand and encourage lovers of short story romance stories to read it. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never read a 1 Night Stand story before, this one will have you scrambling to find them!

Book Blurb for The Virgin and the Best Man

Mark and Julia from The Virgin and the Playboy have set the date! They are to be married at The Castillo Las Vegas, where they met on their 1Night Stand. All their family and friends are invited and they have planned a special surprise for their maid of honor and best man.

Karin, Julia’s cousin, a small town librarian, chose family obligations over her dreams of the stars. She loves them all, but wonders when it will be her turn to live as she wishes…if it isn’t too late.

Ray, commercial pilot, is every bit as much a playboy as his brother Mark used to be. He isn’t opposed to finding The One, but fears his brother has collected the only perfect jewel.

What more appropriate gift for these two than a 1Night Stand with a date personally selected for them by Madame Evangeline. (26k)

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 4.50