The Viking's Captive

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The Viking's Captive

Adam’s life was not the best when Rain and Selik found him and his sister, Adela scrambling for food in a market place. He was just a child and already he was responsible for his sister, for there was no one else. But Rain and Selik adopted them and raised them as their own giving them a chance at a life they would have never had. Adam learned to be a warrior but was better known as a healer. When he is called back because Adela was sick, he never expected that she would die. Knowing that he had not watched over his sister as he had promised, Adam retreated to a country home vowing never to work as a physician again.

Tyra has heard of Adam the healer and that he might be able to save her father who has not awaken since he was injured in battle. With her Viking warriors, she comes to his house to bring him to her father. She doesn’t expect him to refuse but refuse he does. That doesn’t stop her, as she tells his Arab assistant, Rashid to collect his medicines and she physically removes Adam from his refuge.

Tyra is a big woman who feels she is too bold, too big and too much everything to be married. What man would want a warrior for a wife! Adam sees a vision of loveliness and wants her in his bed. Can he charm her into it? Will it make any difference if he can’t heal her father? What about Tyra’s own plans to break family ties and join the fighting in Byzantine?

If the characters and situation sound familiar, it might be. This is a rerelease of Ms Hill’s book My Fair Viking. It is part of a Viking series that she has written but can be read by itself and thoroughly enjoyed. There have been a few changes in the story but it is basically the same as the original.

The humor Ms Hill uses in all of her stories is very much present in this one. Bolthor, a skald or bard, is busy making sagas and ballads that no one can stand, yet no one will willing to tell him either. Tyra has four unique sister who excel at different skills. One can grow plants anywhere while another can abide no dirt still a third loves to cook elaborate meals and the last loves to build. They each take over their bit of the Viking household and still have time to try to get Tyra married off, even if she doesn’t want to. And Tyra’s father, the king, well, he has a hole in his head which makes for some interesting suggestions.

The characters are fantastic and fun. Adam doesn’t mind that Tyra is a mighty and skilled warrior. He is confident in his own skills. Tyra though sees him as just a healer and is shocked to learn that he is also a good warrior. While these two are the main and most developed characters, several other characters grab your attention as their personalities shine.

There is never a dull moment in this book. From the beginning to the end, the story moves quickly along and gives a unique and interesting look into Viking/Saxon life. Weather Tyra is practicing on the fields or Rashid is giving advise, never does the action slow down.

This is a romance but the subplots are just as fun. Tyra’s father doesn’t want anyone to know when he starts to get better. What could he be planning? There is a young boy who wants to train to be a Viking but seems to hurt himself more than learn skills. When he attaches himself to Adam, along with his siblings, can Adam resist the similarities between this young boy and his own beginnings?

Even though I’ve read and own the original release, I thoroughly enjoyed revisiting with these characters. It doesn’t matter how often I’ve read this book, I still have to smile as I read the adventures and I just fall in love with Ms Hill’s Vikings all over again. These stories are so different than other stories about this era and because of this, I think they can be read over and over without ever getting old or stale.

So, do you need a story to drag you out of your winter time blues or just want something light hearted to bring a smile to your lips, give The Viking’s Captive a try. You won’t regret it and I wouldn’t even be surprised if you went looking for the rest of the books in this wonderful, wacky Viking series.

Book Blurb for The Viking's Captive

Tyra, Warrior Princess

She is too tall, too loud, too fierce to be a good catch. But her ailing father has decreed that her four younger sisters cannot be wed ’til Tyra consents to take a husband. Alas, with no suitors begging for her hand, it looks as if the sisters will all remain virgins.

Then a journey to save her father’s life brings Tyra face to face with Adam the Healer. A god in human form, he’s tall, muscled, perfectly proportioned. Here is the physician who could cure her father, and the lover who could finally seduce her to his bed furs.

Too bad Adam refuses to fall in with her plans. Holy Runes! What’s a lady to do but truss him up, toss him over her shoulder, and sail off into the sunset to live happily ever after.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 5.00