The Velvet Chair

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The Velvet Chair

Jewel Heiss is an investigator with Chicago's Department of Consumer Services. She heads up the division that investigates "magic" or stuff that can't be explained. This isn't exactly where she'd like to be but it's a job. Jewel is a big farm girl from Wisconsin that has had sexual relationships with almost every single guy she meets. This causes some interesting encounters while she's out on the job. She has an unusual partner, Clay Dawes but she's not complaining as it took over a year for her to get a partner.

Clay is/was a con man. In fact, Jewel met him while she was trying to get enough facts to arrest him. Somehow he talked her boss into giving him a job working with Jewel. To Clay's surprise, he actually likes working with Jewel. He still is checking out for cons and doesn't see any problems with not following procedures. He's also told his father, a master con man, about Jewel and what they do. This may cause problems later but it's his father! Clay is also getting use to Randy, a sex demon that was in a bed Clay was using for the con Jewel was investigating until Jewel released Randy from the bed.

Randy is a sex demon. He was cursed to a brass bed until he satisfied 100 women. The curse was from his mistress and the woman who released him was Jewel. From start to finish, it took about 200 years so Randy is dealing with a society that he knows nothing about. Plus when he gets scared, he pops into the nearest bed where Jewel has to have sexual relations to release him again. Randy also keeps Jewel up every night with his pleasurable demands, not understanding why Jewel would want a night off every now and then. Randy also doesn't understand why he can't work with Jewel and Clay.

Things get interesting when Jewel and Clay are called into their boss's office. He hands them three cases that he wants solved like yesterday. One concerns a guy who wants to run for mayor. He thinks that magic is okay and has a place in society. This view is exactly the opposite of the current mayor who wants all thing magic to disappear and they never happened. He's scared magic will cause chaos. The next case is about a velvet chair and it's magical properties. Supposedly anyone who sits on it for a treatment will have the opposite sex attracted to them. The person selling it is a woman whose previous 5 husbands have died leaving her lots of money. The guy she's trying to con into buying it happens to be Clay's father and the person who put in the complaint is his long time girlfriend! Lastly, several spa owner have complained that someone is selling their customers a potion that makes them not want to visit a spa or take care of themselves. The person suspected of selling this potion is a teen that Jewel has an interesting in, like a big sister. Jewel doesn't want him arrested but does want him to stop selling the potion, if she can find him!

This is the second book in this series and I found it better than the first. You don't have to read the first to enjoy this book though as the author gets readers up to speed very quickly. Part of the reason I enjoyed this book more was for the most part the trying to come up with the local dialect in speech was gone. The dialogs were just regular people talking instead of da's and letters being left out of words causing you to guess what the word is suppose to be. Also, while the pink haze in the air was still present, there wasn't a big deal about it. The pink haze is caused by rage while driving and can get quite bad. People have been lost in the Pink.

The characters were very well developed. You understood when Randy popped into a bed and Jewel couldn't find him, why she insisted that she had to look until she found him. Jewel has issues with abandonment and loneliness due to her parents dying at a young age and her grandparents dying about the time Jewel turned 18. Though Clay doesn't get along with his father as his father never thinks Clay i

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 3.00