The Thunder Egg

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The Thunder Egg

Though this is not an authentic Native American story, it definitely feels like one. It incorporates themes and traditions followed by many Native American tribes. The pictures reinforce that feeling by showing clothing reflecting that which was worn and showing animals native to the Great Plains. A great deal of research and care went into the development of this story and it shows. There is notes at the end of the book which explains some of the research and what some of the illustrations depict. The story, itself, is interesting and shares life lessons that everyone can relate to. Stands-by Herself shows that being different isn’t always bad and that sometimes little things can change the world. No matter what your background, this book is sure to delight……and may even teach young children a few things. I can’t wait to share it with my grandchildren.

Book Blurb for The Thunder Egg

Stands-by-Herself lives with her grandmother in a buffalo-hide tipi among their Cheyenne people on the Great Plains. Other children make fun of her because she is always by herself dreaming. One day she finds a strange egg-shaped rock and senses there is something special about it. Taking it home, she cares for it as if it were a child, even though the other children mock her. When a terrible drought threatens to wipe out her people, could Stands-by-Herself’s rock hold the key to their survival? The Thunder Egg is the story of a girl’s coming of age, when she realizes that life can require us to think of others before ourselves and to follow what our hearts tell us. Featuring an author’s note, informative notes on the illustrations, and a bibliography, the book is filled with vibrant images of Plains Indian life in the unspoiled West. Carefully crafted text and paintings bring a true authenticity to the time, place, and people of the story.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2015 4.50