The Stormcaller

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The Stormcaller

Book One of the Twilight Reign

Born on Silvernight and killing his mother in the process, as all white eyes do, Isak was named by his grieving father as a joke against the Gods. Though his father beat and reticulated him growing up and could have declared him grown long before, Isak knew it could have been worse. Isak grew up on the wagons, traveling from place to place. Along with their group was an old Ghost Knight who treated Isak as his son and taught him the skills he would need to apply to become a soldier, one of the few jobs where white eyes are accepted. He’s counting down until spring when he turns 18 and can leave the wagons and his hated father.

During this time, the wagons travel to Tirah, capital of the Farlan. Little does Isak know but he is the Chosen. The Gods have blessed him and will make him the next ruler IF he can make it to Lord Bahl and he accepts him. Running from certain death, lead by his father, Isak scrabbles to find a safe haven or a patrol only to find himself at the closed lower keep door and no soldier in sight. Will they show up before the mob gets him?
Of course, they find him and Lord Bahl accepts him. With good food, Isak starts growing until he towers over just about everyone. The sword master works with him and soon Isak is leading troops into battle! Though Isak didn’t know it, he is a the center of a prophesy that will tear the lands apart! Not know who to trust or what to do; Isak does his best in a world he has never been exposed to before. Can Isak control himself to learn what he must? Even if he does, will there be enough time?
This is the first book in a series with Isak as the central character. Isak is only 17 during most of this book but it’s hard to remember how young he is as more and more responsibilities are thrown at him. Yet, there are times that you are reminded of how young he really is and how hard his early life was. He has plenty of people giving him advice and surrounding him but he is unsure whom he can really trust in this new game of intrigue and war.
Many of the characters surrounding Isak have their own secrets and agendas. Others, like the Ghost Knight on the wagons, Carel, truly care for Isak. When Isak goes to his first battle many of the noble house don’t show their support and others who do give it questionably. Which are showing disrespect and which truly support the tribe?
Because Isak is fulfilling a prophesy, there are groups that don’t want him to and other that have their own idea of what he is fulfilling and others who are after their own gain. Some of these groups align with each other and others fight against each other. War, battles and death are routine scenes in this story!
Indeed, there are lots of battles, a couple very large ones, that shape the way Isak is to precede. In the first, a dragon makes an appearance which is the creature on Isak heraldry. I really can’t wait to see more of it! For the most part, the battle are comprised of tactics and gore.   It goes on for pages and you have to read it as things happen during the battles that affect the storyline.
I found this book to be long but I think a lot of that is I don’t particularly like battle scenes and war. The other reason that I felt it dragged was there are a lot of characters introduced and a lot of intrigue and secondary plots going on. This meant that you really had to pay attention to what you where reading and who was plotting what with whom against which group or person. Still, by the end of the story things were beginning to come together giving the impression that this book was getting you set up for the saga and making sure you knew who everyone is and where their alliances lay.
The world that all this happens in is as complex as the story itself. There are lots of tribes that seem to fight amongst themselves. There are also lands that are wastelands due to a large war a few hundred years ago. As Isak travels around this world different areas are brought to life. This gives the reader a better understanding of the variations found throughout and an appreciation of what Isak is going through.
If you enjoy detailed, complex fantasy, you may find yourself drawn into the complexities of this story. If you enjoy lighthearted fantasy, don’t bother. This book is dark and bloody as Isak fights his way to his destiny.

Book Blurb for The Stormcaller

Format: Paperback, 450pp

In a land ruled by prophecy and the whims of Gods, a young man finds himself at the heart of a war he barely understands, wielding powers he may never be able to control.

Isak is a white-eye, born bigger, more charismatic and more powerful than normal men… but with that power comes an unpredictable temper and an inner rage. Feared and despised by those around him, he dreams of a place in the army and a change to live his own life, but the Gods have other plans for the intemperate teenager. Isak has been Chosen as heir-elect to the brooding Lord Bahl, the white-eye Lord of the Farlan.

The white-eyes were created to bring order out of chaos, for their magnetic charm and formidable strength makes them natural leaders of men. Lord Bahl is typical of the breed: he inspires and oppresses those around him in equal measure. He’s a difficult mentor for a boy every bit as volatile as himself.

This is a time for revenge, and for the forging of empires. With mounting envy and malice, the men who would themselves be kings watch Isak as he is shaped and moulded to fulfil the prophecies that circle him like scavenger birds. The Gods are once again beginning to meddle in the affairs of men.

THE STORMCALLER is the first book in a powerful new series that combines inspired world-building, epoch-shattering battles and high emotion to dazzling effect.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2010 4.00