The Shadow and the Night

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The Shadow and the Night

Glenncailty Castle, Book 3

This is the third book in a trilogy about Genncailty Castle. While you will be able to enjoy this story and follow it with no problem, it would be so much better having read the previous two books. This story has ghosts, humor and violence. It has twists and turns I didn’t expect and an ending that shocked me. The romance is fantastic as usual but it’s the rest of the story that makes this book so awesome. Mysteries from the past that are influencing the present and are just waiting to be figured out. Something evil lurking but no easily identified. Melissa doesn’t believe in ghosts while Tristan talks to his brother’s ghost frequently. Melissa takes facts and what she can see while Tristan has his beliefs and knows there are things that go bump in the night! What a wonderful clash of wills. But, this isn’t all doom and gloom or conflicting views, there are some very fun parts that can’t help but make you smile, or even laugh. The story is so gripping that I wasn’t able to put the book down and still thought about it once I was finished. This book and the entire trilogy was a terrific mixture of romance, mystery and a ghost story. A smart woman, a sexy Frenchman and an interfering brother combine to make an awesome story that you just have to read.

Melissa has been asked to identify some bodies that have been found in a rural hotel called Glenncailty Castle. She agrees and finds things aren’t exactly what she expected. First, everyone who works there believes in ghosts. Melissa is sure there are no ghosts. Then, she sees what she thinks is a mass something, she isn’t exactly sure, but she is sure it was not the spirits of the bodies taking over the people she is with. She just wants to get on with her work and identify the bones, even if she is driving the chef, Tristan crazy. Tristan isn’t at all sure about this scientist woman who has come to the castle. She wants to just take over and Tristan has a kitchen to run. He can’t have her coming in and taking stuff or using his stove! Yet, he’d really like to get to know her. Can he lure her away from her work?

Book Blurb for The Shadow and the Night

Sins and secrets aren’t the only skeletons in the closet…

London forensic anthropologist Melissa Heavey isn’t anything like the characters in her grandmother’s beloved television crime dramas. Especially since an accident left her crippled and weary. While in Dublin to rest and recuperate, she’s asked to help the local Garda Síochána identify bones found in a rural luxury hotel.

Curiosity-seeking bone gawkers were not the clients Tristan Fontaine anticipated when he took over the Glenncailty Castle restaurant. And a scientist taking over part of his kitchen for her lab? He’s having none of it. Yet she’s not backing down…and his pulse won’t stop speeding up when she’s near.

As their attraction flares, Melissa soon discovers why Tristan is so dismissive of the bones—he’s been talking to the ghosts themselves. But the bones aren’t Glenncailty’s only secret, and Tristan is hiding a tragedy in his past more frightening than what’s lurking inside the castle walls.

Warning: Contains a sexy French chef whose gifts aren’t limited to his hands, and a dry-witted scientist with intellect as sharp as scalpels. Delicious doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2014 5.00