The Rebound Pact

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The Rebound Pact

Not exactly best friends falling in love but best friend of older brother falling in love with little sister without the brother’s knowledge and against his wishes. Yeah, at some point it becomes a bit immature (brother’s attitude) but the story is great. This story was so realistic and so interesting. Lots of twists and turns are going on. From childhood crushes, one night stands and a pregnant ex, Gabrielle and Holden run through the gambit as they recover from break-ups and as they work on their professional lives, which happen to overlap. The ups and downs were like a roller coaster ride and I didn’t want to get off! The characters were well written and interesting, the setting awesome and the secondary characters interacted well with the main characters and the storyline. The romance was perfect. This is a fun contemporary romance that is perfect for a day at the beach or better yet, some place where you’re sipping a glass of wine. Enjoy!

Gabrielle is coming home jobless and without the fiancé she’d had up to a few days prior. Time to start over. On her way home, she stops at a local winery only to find her brother’s best friend, Holden is the owner. Back when Gabrielle finished college she had an accidental one night stand with Holden and has never forgot it. Holden has also recently gotten out of a relationship, one he doesn’t want to talk about. When he suggests that they become each others rebound romance, Gabrielle has to think on this. Can they keep it to causal sex with no strings attached and still remain friends later?

Book Blurb for The Rebound Pact

After college, Gabrielle Dane makes one terrific mistake. Thinking she's sneaking into her crush's bedroom at an all-night college party, she ends up sleeping with her older brother's best friend. It’s only when the sun comes up that she recognizes Holden Bellamy. Mortified, Gabrielle leaves to train with a renowned chef in France, vowing never to return to her hometown and the awkwardness of her one night stand mix-up. But several years later, she finds herself doing just that, and she runs smack into the delicious man who makes her catch her breath.

Holden Bellamy, owner of Belle Ami, a critically acclaimed vineyard, has always had a thing for his best friend's little sister...even if she was off limits. Waking up to her in the morning several years back was a remarkable surprise, one that crashed and burned when she left town without a word. Now he's face to face with the woman he never stopped wondering about.

The attraction between Gabrielle and Holden still sizzles on the surface even after all these years... Having just experienced serious breakups, neither one is ready to start again. Instead, they make a rebound pact. Casual sex, no strings attached—and rule #1? Don't fall in love. Problem is, with each scorching encounter, Gabrielle and Holden find themselves falling hard and fast.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 4.00