The Rebel of Copper Creek

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The Rebel of Copper Creek

Copper Creek Cowboys

This is the second book in R.C. Ryan’s trilogy about the three brothers of Copper Creek. While you don’t need to read the first to enjoy and follow this one, it does give you a better introduction to the family and it’s dynamics. Griff wasn’t always a member of this family and how he fits in is better described in the first book. Regardless, this is an awesome story and showcases more of Griff’s military background. But, this is more than just a romance. It definitely has some mystery elements and a few twists that aren’t apparent at first but come to light as you read. While some of the dialog sounds a bit formal or not real smooth, the story itself is fine. You just have to get over that while the dialog sounds stiff, the actions are not. Also, there are a few over the top actions that aren’t very realistic but sure are fun to read. There is one more brother needing to find his true love and I fell in love with him in the first book. I can’t wait to read his story. So, jump right in. All of these stories stand alone though there is a mystery that runs through all of R.C. Ryan’s trilogies from the first book until the last. This book is a nice contemporary romance with touches of mystery.

Griff grew up in a single parent household never knowing who his father is. While deployed with the military he receives a letter telling him about his mysterious father. After getting out of the military, Griff joins his new family in Montana enjoying acceptance. His father has been killed but before he was, he changed his will to include Griff. At a nearby ranch, a young widow with two small boys is setting up a therapy program. Griff is invited to check it out by one of the soldiers he deployed with. What he doesn’t expect is to find a spitfire trying to make a go of a ranch needing a lot of help. He also doesn’t expect to find himself attracted to her. Now what?

Book Blurb for The Rebel of Copper Creek

A love worth fighting for . . .

The last thing widow Juliet Grayson needs is a man in her life. Between caring for her two young sons and maintaining her husband's ranch, her hands are more than full. Then she meets Griff Warren. With his quiet strength and his easy way with her boys, she's tempted to trust him. But if there's anything she's learned, it's that love only leads to heartbreak.

Former Marine Griff Warren never thought he'd settle down. Rebellious and proud, he's always been on his own . . . until the father he never knew he had died, leaving him with land that is his legacy and brothers to share the load. He doesn't need more than that. But Juliet touches something deep inside him-and he wants nothing more than to protect her and her sons. Now if only he can convince her to take a second chance at true love.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2015 4.00