The Prospect

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The Prospect

The Malloy Family, Book 10

Though part of a series, this book definitely stands alone. Two people from the city find themselves in the wilds of Wyoming dealing with a deadly illness, crooked men at the fort and cunning wild animals, making this an interesting historical romance that will have you glued to the pages. It seems as if anything and everything that can go wrong does, except the growing attraction between Jo and Declan. Of course, Declan thinks this isn’t right due to his past, but the attraction is killing his willpower! While their flight through the wilderness seems a bit overdone, the romance is exactly right. The characters are likeable and well written.

I found this to be an enjoyable historical western romance that is a bit different as the main characters were both Eastern tenderfoots making their experiences eye-opening to them and to the readers. As this is only the second sister’s story out of 4 sisters, I expect to see more of these marvelous characters in later books.

Declan can drive Jo crazy without even trying. He seems to treat her as a child frequently but that isn’t the only problem. Jo is attracted to him and he doesn’t seem interested. Declan knows that Jo is way above his station. He’s a poor man with a very shady past. Jo is educated while Declan doesn’t even know how to read and write. However, when Jo comes down sick and Declan is already exposed, he volunteers to nurse her back to health at Fort John. It seems the men he’s dealing with at the fort aren’t exactly honest either and are seeing how much of Declan’s money they can steal before throwing Declan and Jo out to die. The two of them come up with a crazy plan to escape which is almost as crazy as their attraction to each other. Will the plan or the attraction work?

Book Blurb for The Prospect

The lie that saves her life could destroy their love.

Josephine Chastain never thought a case of typhoid would force her Oregon-bound family to leave her behind in Fort John—in the care of the last man she trusts. Others in the wagon train may have accepted Declan Calhoun’s motives for kidnapping her sister Frankie, but not Jo.

When she wakes up from the three-week fever, though, she finds some things have changed. Declan is her husband. And their cabin is too small to contain the growing desire between them.

While Jo fights for her life, Declan finds himself falling for the bookish Chastain sister. A woman with a spine of steel and a seemingly bottomless well of smarts. In other words, everything he can never be.

Yet now is not the time to confess the little white lie that has thus far kept her safe. Not when he must figure out how to escape a quarantine that’s turned into extortion. And resist Jo’s determination to seduce him before she learns the truth. Before the unforgiving wilderness between them and safety claims their lives.

Warning: Be ready for a learned but stubborn woman, a man with a dark past who needs redeeming, and an adventure that will light your hair and your panties on fire.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 4.00