The Nocturne Agency

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The Nocturne Agency

The Nocturne Agency, #1

This story is unique in how it portrays vampires after they come out to the world. I never would have expected that vampires are being pimped out. Hired out as bodyguards, yes, but as escorts, no. If that’s not enough to capture your imagination, the secret lives of some of these vampires will. There is much more going on than meets the eye. All of this makes the plot complex and not only keeps the reader’s interest but will spark their imagination. All of the characters, vampire and human, are fantastic. Though Julian sometimes comes across as a bit too perfect, he soon loses that look. Belinda, while human, is probably the most complex character. While her character doesn’t always come across well she does come across as a strong woman with story views. I enjoyed the complexity of the plot and the surprises that kept coming out. The world that was developed was interesting. This is the perfect first book in a series because I was left feeling that there is so much more to explore.

Belinda has been Julian’s handler for around 2 years. While she does a good job, she doesn’t trust vampires. Unfortunately, this distrust comes out in such a way that Belinda knows Julian can get her fired. Then he goes and bids on her at a charity auction forcing her to accept a date with him. He’s got his sights on Belinda but she wants nothing to do with him. Of all the women Julian could get why does he want one that doesn’t want him?

Book Blurb for The Nocturne Agency

At an exclusive auction, a seductive vampire turns the tables on his curvy human broker.

Ever since the vampires decided to "come out" to the world, it's been a crash course in coexistence. Some have adapted better than others, like the Nocturne Agency, which exists to pair wealthy humans with vampires capable of fulfilling their wildest fantasies.

Me? I don't care how many celebs come out as bloodsuckers, I know the truth beneath the sexy exterior. Doesn't mean I'm above profiting off my fellow humans' weakness for a hot guy with piercing gray eyes and a devilish smirk that always shows just enough fang to pique the imagination.

Sounds dreamy? You haven't met Julian Larue. The guy's ego is as big as another asset he's known for. He's everything I hate.

I just have to keep reminding myself of that, especially when he starts looking at me like I hold all the secrets of the past he keeps so close to the vest. Love between a human and a vampire is definitely a breach of contract.

Description: This is a 66,000-word paranormal romance packed with hot and steamy encounters between a sexy vampire escort and his curvy, no-nonsense human agent. As such, this story is for adult audiences only.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2018 4.50