The Miss Education of Dr. Exeter

Phaeton Black Romance, #3

This is the third book in this unique steam puck series that takes you through dimensions and has more than a touch of paranormal in it. There is no introduction but a quick jump right into the story with mix of characters that may take a few chapters to figure out. The portals jump between a Victorian England and a future time. Confusing at first but eventually becomes the norm. Sexual in ways that aren’t expected as Dr Exeter must bring Mia to climax to tame the animal within her. This story is more fantasy than romance though there is definitely a romantic element within it. But, the real stars of the show are the interesting creations that aid in finding Professor Lovecraft and the man he’s holding prisoner, Phaeton. Adventures abound as the characters travel from London to Paris and from their time to the future. An interesting story to say the least but it would probably be best to read all the books in this series in order to appreciate the full effect of the tale.

Mia has two problems; she turns into a panther and she’s in love with her guardian, Dr Exeter. It also seems she has no control over either. Dr Exeter learns that sexual pleasure can control the cat but sees no recourse but to manually manipulate Mia. His thoughts are to teach her to pleasure herself. Soon, though he finds himself more attracted to his ward than he should be especially when they are trying to find Phaeton who has been snatched. Can they find Phaeton before America has his baby? And, what will Mia and Dr Exeter do about their growing attraction?

Book Blurb for The Miss Education of Dr. Exeter

From steam-powered bunkers to steamy boudoirs, paranormal detective Phaeton Black knows his way around Victorian London. But sometimes, when you slip down a rabbit hole, there's no turning back. . .

If The Portal's A-Rockin'

Phaeton Black is missing. Sucked into an alternative universe--courtesy of Professor Lovecraft's Trans-Dimensional Injection Portal--the illustrious investigator is nowhere to be found. Even the bewitching Miss America Jones, who's pregnant with Phaeton's child, has no clue to his whereabouts. But when a spy fly's microphone picks up Phaeton's voice in the parlors of Paris, she enlists his dearest friends to track him down--before his deadliest enemies find him first. . .

Don't Come A-Knockin'

Accompanied by the dashing Dr. Exeter, his delightful ward Mia, and a trusty duo of Nightshades, it's off to the City of Lights for the determined Miss Jones. Unfortunately, there is something about Paris in the fall that brings out the devil in Dr. Exeter--and the beast in mild-mannered Mia, whose animal urges transform her into a gorgeous panther. With physical reality unraveling on both sides of the cosmic rift, the good doctor must extract Phaeton Black from the clutches of a diabolical techno-wizard--or both could lose the women they love to love. . .forever.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2013 4.00