The Mating Seduction

Werewolves of Montana, #3

This series is set on a pack run ranch where most of the pack members are male. A neighboring pack is mostly female but both pack leaders aren’t willing to merge the packs! This story has pack loyalties being tested as Jackson tries to convince Lexie to be his mate. Lexie is focused on barrel racing though someone is trying to make sure she never races again! Mix in some hot sex, romantic nights and a touch of mystery and you have a story that will keep your interest and raise your temp.

Though only a novella, this story packs a big punch and will have you thinking that it is actually longer than it is. However, just one taste may not be enough. Hopefully, more books will follow as soon.

Lexie knows she has to race in the upcoming rodeo but first she has to get her horse back. Her pack leader sold it to raise needed money for the pack but she can’t race and win more money without her horse! Unfortunately, Lexie is caught by the horse’s new owner, Jackson. He offers a deal that Lexie doesn’t dare turn down; a week in his bed and she can ride the horse. Jackson needs a mate and Lexie is who he wants. Can he get her to agree or will she be able to resist? Both will have to determine what is most important to them and their loyalties to their packs will be put to the test.

This is the third book in the series but it is not necessary to read the first two books in order to follow this one. However, characters from the other books will appear in this one as minor secondary characters.

Book Blurb for The Mating Seduction

Welcome to the sensual world of the Lupine, where the burning drive to mate claims all...

Lexie Walters knows she’s in big trouble. Caught trying to steal her champion horse from the sexy werewolf cowboy who purchased the mare, she’s offered a devil’s bargain. Jackson Palmer will let her ride Diamond in an upcoming barrel race if Lexie spends seven nights in his bed. Desperate to win the rodeo prize money that can save her pack’s ranch, Lexie agrees. But there’s no way she’ll become his mate, no matter how much Jackson ’s touch arouses her.

Ever since Lexie left for college Jackson Palmer has waited to capture the curvy Lupine werewolf’s heart. Now she’s back in his life and he’s determined to claim her. Only Lexie can tame his wild wolf side. If Jackson doesn’t find a mate in two weeks, he’ll get kicked out of the Mitchell pack.

Lexie will do everything to resist Jackson ’s seductive charms. But she doesn’t realize there’s a far more serious threat than losing her virginity to this powerful and determined Lupine. Someone wants to prevent her from racing, only this someone will not stop until she’s off the rodeo circuit for good…

Warning: This book contains explicit love scenes, including bondage and m/f/m menage and is intended for adults only.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 4.00