The Mating Chase

Werewolves of Montana, #1

This is the first story in this series. It’s extremely short, less than 30 pages. While there is a lot going on in those few pages, it seems to lack a depth and complexity. The society/world that is the setting isn’t well explained. Types of characters pop up without warning, such as trolls. Equally hard to understand is how a werewolf forgets everything there is to being a werewolf within a few short years in college. After all, for 18 years they lived that life and within 4, they forgot everything? Perhaps if there were a more detailed backstory it would have made more sense. Also, there seems to be a lot of single male werewolves but very few female. The why is never explained but the question lingers. But, even with these short comings, this isn’t a bad story. There is plenty of action, in bed and out. For a quick read, this story may hit the spot as long as you don’t need answers to your every question.

Beth comes home to her uncle’s ranch from college with insecurities about her weight and her inability to shift to her wolf form. It doesn’t help that she’s told that she must immediately find a mate or leave. She’s sure none of the single werewolves would want her. Dale has been patiently waiting for Beth to return. She’s everything he wants. But, can he convince her of that?

Book Blurb for The Mating Chase

Welcome to the sensual world of the Lupine, where the burning drive to mate claims all...

Home from college, where men teased her for being overweight, Beth doesn't fit into pack life at the Mitchell ranch. Because she’s forgotten how to shift into a wolf, the pack alpha has ordered her to choose a mate or leave. The only male Beth desires is Dale, a fiercely protective Lupine who loathes the human lifestyle she embraces. She hungers for the handsome shifter’s touch, but fears their differences are too vast to overcome.

Dale has waited for four long years for Beth’s return. Her scent ignites his desire and her voluptuous body fires his blood. He is determined to awaken her to the sensual world of the Lupine. Although she acts more “Skin” than wolf, he can’t deny his overwhelming drive to claim her.

As the heat of passion threatens to consume them both, a new peril arises. Someone is killing a local rancher’s livestock and blaming it on wolves, endangering the pack’s ability to shapeshift. It will take all Beth’s courage and Dale’s skill to find the enemy threatening to destroy their world...

WARNING: This is a short story containing explicit sex.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2013 3.50