The Marrying Type

The Man Catalog Book 1

I read the blurb on “The Marrying Type” and I just had to see how a business arrangement became a love affair. What I found was a terrific story. There are secrets that may break the fragile trust between Libby and Blaine. There is a controlling father with outdated ideas about women. This story kept my interest as I journeyed along with Libby. I loved how unexpected allies showed up. This story felt like a combination of an outdated romance and a modern day one which is hard to do but Ms. Morgan accomplished it through her characters. I really enjoyed this story and hope to read more about SASS.

The Story: Libby wants the money she is sure her father will give her if she’s married before she’s 23. Her father thinks that higher education is wasted on women and if they do have to go to college they should study to be a teacher. The problem is, Libby doesn’t want to be a teacher. She wants to study science and design something to help people get clean water. A friend suggests she try SASS, Singles Arrangement Service Specialists, where she can basically buy a husband. Can this work, or will she be found out?

Book Blurb for The Marrying Type

Need a date? Or a temporary boyfriend? How about a husband in a hurry? The professionals at SASS—Singles Arrangement Service Specialists—are here to help.

Libby Dawson has spent her life under the crushing thumb of her controlling father. She wants to escape, which would be easier if she had her half million-dollar trust fund first. However, she can’t have it unless she’s married by twenty-three—six months from now.

Blaine Parker is a savvy but disillusioned stockbroker. Tired of the cutthroat business world, he’s used his genius financial skills to secure most of the funds to retire by thirty. He just needs one more investment to get out forever—and he doesn’t mind selling himself for it.

Brought together by SASS, Libby and Blaine make a complimentary team. However, attraction and emotion—including love—isn’t a promised part of the deal. They soon discover it’s just a bonus.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2018 4.00