The Letter

Calendar Men: Mr. July

This story is part of the calendar series of which all can be read independently from each other as except for being part of a calendar for charity there is nothing tying them together.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Two people who were affected by the same event but in very different ways. Two people not looking for love but looking for an unknown future. The emotions that came across the page felt real. Hattie truly loved Billy and finding someone else wasn’t a priority. Rick is dealing with survivor’s guilt and the knowledge that he doesn’t have a job due to injuries. Either would make this story interesting but together, they make it incredible. I only wish it were a bit longer because I really wasn’t ready to let these characters go.

Billy was following family tradition when he signed up to join the military. Leaving behind Hattie was hard but they planned on getting married as soon as he came back. The problem is, he didn’t come back alive. Rick only knew Billy for a very short time but Billy entrusted him with a letter for his fiancé. It took 18 months before Rick could deliver it. Hattie is trying to move on but it has been hard. She shocked to find herself attracted to Rick but probably not as shocked as Rick finding himself attracted to Hattie. Is this something they should explore or should Rick get himself out of the US fast?

Book Blurb for The Letter

Ex-SAS Sergeant Rick Week’s career ended in a hail of bullets and the death of his friend Billy. After months of recuperation, Rick can finally fulfill a promise he made to Billy; deliver a letter to his girl. Simple. Maybe....

Hattie Jameson lost the man she loved. KIA. Eighteen months later, she’s trying to move on. Then a sexy-as-hell Scottish soldier turns up on her doorstep—the man who’d been with Billy when he’d died. She shouldn’t find him attractive. Not at all....

Fortunately, fate, and Billy, have plans to bring the reluctant lovers together. Can Rick and Hattie get past their grief and let love in?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2014 4.50