The Last of the Monsters

Monsters in Hollywood 6

Monsters are real and sexy too! The Last of the Monsters doesn’t show their end but a new reality for them. Finally able to change into human form, the monsters find themselves falling in love with humans. Henry may have never made love in a human body but he has no problem learning what pleases Akta giving readers some very hot love scenes with tender emotion. But, there is plenty of adventure going on with bullets flying and bodyguards needed. When the long awaited movie premieres, where will the monsters end up? A dramatic conclusion will leave you guessing.

This is the final book in the Monsters in Hollywood series. This series is totally unique in that the monsters are real and they decide the best way to come out is to do a movie. As the movie progresses, the monsters fall in love with different members of the production crew. But, things are not easy and lots of misunderstandings happen as well as adventures. It would be best to start with the first book in this series for this last book (number 6) to make sense.

Underlying prejudice and attraction cause friction on the movie set as Henry and Akta try to do their love scenes. This tension forces them to talk, really talk which reveals more than either wants. But just because they are figuring out their relationship doesn’t mean that things are going to be wonderful. There are people who want to kill Henry and the rest of the monsters and now it seems as Akta is a target too! Now Henry to torn, does he protect his clan or Akta?

Book Blurb for The Last of the Monsters

That’s a wrap.

Monsters in Hollywood, Book 6

Leading lady Akta Patel is in love with Henry, her co-star in Truth in Darkness, the most anticipated movie in Hollywood. But there’s a problem. Only a few know that the “truth” in the title is the fact that Monsters are real. Henry is one of them—and he’s sworn never to date a human.

Henry is at the end of his rope. A year ago, an in-the-moment touch of her lips on his bought his monster roaring to the surface. Kissing and touching her now, as they film, is torture—and his fight to maintain control shows in the dailies.

An attack on the production brings life’s uncertainties into sharp focus, and Henry wastes no time making room for Akta in his arms, a space she gladly fills with her body. But as the premiere approaches, enemies close in on all sides, threatening Akta’s life.

Forcing Henry to risk everything—including the clan’s safety—to save the woman he loves.

Warning: This title contains a monster with a sexy secret, a woman who believes in love (and smoking-hot sex) and the last battle of the Monsters.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2013 4.50