The Greek Tycoon's Tarnished Bride

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The Greek Tycoon's Tarnished Bride

Men of the Zodiac

This story really felt like an old Harlequin romance. Not that it was dated but the theme felt very familiar; rich Greek man dictating to poor single mother for a marriage of convenience so she won’t lose her son. Of course, they fall in love but won’t tell each other and there is pressure from family that he should have married a virgin. All that being said, I did enjoy the story. It was a modern take and it was done well. Tito is based on his astrological sign but signs are not incorporated into the story. Erica does show some spunk and does realize that she is being railroaded into decisions she’s not ready to make. Overall, it wasn’t a bad book but nor was it stellar. It’s somewhere in the middle which means it’s a good solid story with a good solid storyline; which isn’t a bad thing at all!

Erica has dreams of getting her degree and finding a well paying job to support her son. Until that happens she is working occasional nights as an erotic dancer. It’s not the best job but it pays well. Her son’s father seems to have disappeared before he was born. Tito Makris appears to tell Erica her son’s father is dead, her son will inherit a large legacy if he comes to Greece and she isn’t needed. However, he’s willing to marry Erica so she can stay with her son. What will she decide?

Book Blurb for The Greek Tycoon's Tarnished Bride

Sign: Capricorn

He loves power, material success...and sex.

Erica Silver has never done things the "usual" way. A single mom working towards a degree in psychology, she's paying her way as an exotic dancer. No one can tell Erica how to live her life...especially not some handsome, arrogant Greek stranger, who wants to take her son away from his "unfit" mother.

Successful entrepreneur Tito Makris has no choice but to fulfill his best friend's last wish. He must bring his friend's son to Greece to claim a multi-billion euro legacy. Still, taking the boy from his mother-however tarnished she may be-is pretty much the last thing Tito wants. So he offers Erica a radical choice: marry him and stay with her son...or lose the boy-and him-forever.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2015 3.50