The Fire and the Earth

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The Fire and the Earth

Glenncailty Castle 2

Mysteries, family secrets and an attraction that won’t go away come together for a totally different ghost story that will have you wondering who did it, why did they and will love survive. I quickly became glued to each word as this Irish drama began to play out. It’s a wonderful blend of history and real world coming together. The romance is heavenly even with Sean being very earthy. The ghosts are scary and even possessing. The mystery is over a century old and goes back to a time many Irish would love to forget. Yeah, there are English involved. I don’t care if you only like mysteries or paranormal or contemporary romance, this book will satisfy all. It’s that outstanding.

This is the second book in this series but it is not necessary to read the first book to thoroughly and completely enjoy this book. However, the first book was just as good and is referenced in this one briefly.

Sean has disliked Glenncailty since he as a teen and faced a ghost there. He wouldn’t have even showed up at the grand opening of the pub if the entire village hadn’t been there. Upon entering though he sees the red haired Sorcha and he knows that he needs to meet her. Sorcha is equally interested in Sean. But, while she is called away, Sean once again sees one of the ghosts causing him to stress that everyone must leave and Glenncailty closed. Glenncailty isn’t closed but prospers and two years later Sean is delivering meat to its restaurant. Once again, Sean comes in contact with Sorcha but this time he plans on doing more than run away, if she will let him.

Book Blurb for The Fire and the Earth

He can protect her from anything, living or dead. Except from himself.

Glenncailty Castle, Book 2

Sean Donovan knows all too well the horrors of Glenncailty Castle. Ten years ago, after a young woman’s death, he boarded the place up himself—and almost lost his own life doing it.

It would be easy to avoid Glenncailty, if it weren’t for the woman who now runs it as a hotel. Something about the angel-faced redhead calls to him—and calls him to protect her from the darkness seething in the castle walls.

Sorcha has gotten used to calming rattled guests who claim to have met a spirit from the castle’s tragic past. But two years after Sean’s attempt to convince her to leave melted down into an unforgettable kiss, she realizes she needs his help.

The ghosts of the castle are restless, and growing more so. When one of the staff is attacked, Sorcha turns to Sean, not knowing the kind of danger she’s put him in. Working together blows the lid off desire long denied, but laying the ghosts of Glenncailty to rest means facing her own past. If she doesn’t, the ghosts might tear Sean apart from the inside out, and that would mean never knowing what could have been…

Warning: Unpronounceable Irish names, a hero who knows the power of love, a stubborn heroine and more than a few ghosts.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2013 5.00