The Dragon Master

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The Dragon Master

Dragon Series Book 3

Seth looks around and finds that he has been summoned from Dragonspace and into a dark alley in San Francisco’s China Town. Seth is a red dragon and the person who summoned him is a powerful dragon master for only a powerful dragon master can summon a red dragon. Naked and cold, Seth is furious at this dragon master but until he is released he must do everything the dragon master asks of him and is unable to harm the dragon master.
Carol Juan has been trying to convince her grandmother to update their family restaurant. She has a big deal in the works to take it nationwide but she must be able to show a profit in this last shop. Her grandmother is resistant and goes on about the shop having good dragon luck. Carol doesn’t believe in dragons or dragon luck but that’s about to change. As she steps into the alley, Carol is pushed against her car by one very large pissed of dragon in a naked man’s form. 
Though Carol tries to explain that she didn’t summon him nor does she even know how to summon mythical dragons, Seth can sense that Carol is a powerful dragon master. Apparently an unknown dragon master did summon Seth but for some unknown reason Seth is bonded to Carol. Through this tie, Carol’s sleeping dragon master powers wake up causing her to wonder how to control these powers.
 Being a dragon master means Carol can control dragons. With these powers she can now see power, spells and a reality that she didn’t know existed. Her best friend, Lisa is a rare silver dragon and her husband a golden one. Another friend is a black dragon. Until Carol can get her power under control, she is a danger to them all!
These new found powers are also attracting attention from people and creatures Carol really doesn’t want to meet. An ancient society of mages wants to control her so they can raise their demon god to an all powerful role. They tried to do the same to Carol’s mother and ended up killing her. A major drug lord threatens her and demons are the ones offering her restaurant nationwide status. 
As Carol deals with all of this, her attraction to Seth goes as does his to her. Is this real or is this a result of the dragon master’s bond? It feels real but until Carol can release Seth, will they be sure? And who is this other dragon master who can call a fire dragon? Where is he and why would he do such a thing? Does he hold the key to what is really happening?
This is at least the second book in a series. I say at least as I know that there is a book about the black dragon but I’m not sure of the gold and silver. Regardless, you don’t need to read any other book to enjoy this one. This story can stand alone and while the other dragons are involved with Seth and Carol, they are not the primary characters. 
There are a lot of characters in this book. At first, while all of them are being introduced, it’s a bit confusing. Each color dragon has a different strength and a different weakness. There is also this secret society with its players and the family and friends of Carol. Some of these friends are dragons while others are human. Some also have significant roles in the story. Once the story starts unraveling, all the characters fall into place and are fairly easy to keep track of. 
Seth and Carol are interesting as they try to figure out their true natures. Seth is a dragon and dragons have priorities. When he gets put into a human body, he suddenly has human emotions and desires that he’s not use to having. At points his new human side is in conflict with his dragon side. Carol feels as though another being is trying to take charge of her. This being wants and needs power but Carol needs to find a way to control it. As she works on this, she realizes that this being has been directing her actions for years without her knowledge. Now, it’s demanding more and she’s not willing to cooperate.
There are two stories going on simultaneously in this book. One is about a dragon master no one knows about and a demon god. The other is the love story between Seth and Carol. Both are good stories but together and intertwined they are fantastic. Readers can enjoy the mysteries of one and the tender love scenes of the other. The action concerning each never slows down letting you be drawn into a China Town you never knew and will probably never see.

Book Blurb for The Dragon Master

Carol Juan doesn't really believe that her grandmother's friends are dragons, though she'll admit that Caleb and Malcolm are unusual. But when a Fire Dragon, a very rare creature who can not only take human form but turn himself into pure flame, seeks her out, she has to put her disbelief behind her. The arrogant and wild Seth teaches Carol not only about fire dragons, but about her own latent mage powers that pulled him instinctively to her. The secret of the Fire Dragon might help Carol win the day or be the means to her destruction.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 4.50