The Dom's Dungeon

MacKensie has come to Seattle for a new start. She was placed into foster care at a young age. As a teen, she was transferred to a foster home where the streets looked like a better alternative until she ended up working them. She was rescued from the streets by an older couple, a veterinarian and his wife. Under their love and guidance, MacKensie finishes school and joins the veterinarian practice. When the couple dies, MacKensie is unable to continue to live where her past is so well known and people continue to judge her for it. 
With little money but a lot of hope and determination, MacKensie signs up for a house swap so she can afford to interview far from her Midwest roots. The house she shows up at though is a dream house. MacKensie can’t believe all the luxuries that are available for her use. As she explores her temporary home, she finds a locked door. One of the holdovers from her childhood is not being able to stand locked interior doors. Soaking naked in the secluded hot tub, MacKensie worries over that locked door until she finally has to open it. Inside is not the room she expects! She finds a private BDSM dungeon…..
Alex has enough money that he can stay anywhere but he prefers to stay in a house so he house swaps whenever he can. It helps too that part of the deal is whoever gets his house has to watch his dog, Butler. This time, he’s really lucked out as he’s swapped with a vet! He’s checked her out and found that she’s highly respected and her references are great giving him no worries about leaving his expensive home in her hands. On his way to the plane, Alex ends up helping stop a robbery getting stabbed for his trouble and misses his plane due to having to go to the hospital. Though he’s not suppose to return to his home during the swap time, he’s darn if he’s going to rent a room when he has a large house with plenty of rooms available. He expects that he may run into a bit of problems with MacKensie but what he doesn’t expect is to find that she’s broken into a locked room which is totally against the house swapping rules!
Caught red handed and bare butt where she didn’t belong was bad, really bad. This was more than embarrassing. Has all of MacKensie’s dreams of starting over ended before they even had a chance to get off the ground? Alex is livid but he’s reminded of another problem that maybe MacKensie can help him with, if he’s willing to trust her.
This has to be the best book Ms Sinclair has written yet. Everything from the idea of a house swap to these characters draws you immediately into the story and keeps your interest throughout it.
The characters are excellent. They are not perfect and have wonderful quirks and flaws as well as strengths. MacKensie has leftover issues from her childhood that don’t make sense to anyone including MacKensie! Then again, who among us doesn’t have some sort of illogical belief that we know is illogical but we still have it. Alex has his own problems which make things interesting for MacKensie.
The emotions that are explored and so well written that you feel them. They can be overwhelming. MacKensie’s need to be loved and accepted almost hurts. Alex’s desire to give MacKensie what she needs is intense. Ms Sinclair out did herself in this aspect of the story. While the plot is good, it’s the emotions that bring it to life and it’s an explosive life.
This is a book with BDSM as a central part and that life style is depicted in the story. It is done with taste and flair. And, as always, Ms Sinclair stresses safety, sanity, and consent. 
With each book she puts out getting better and better, I look forward to each one more and more. This is a stand alone book and at this point not part of any series. I thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend it.

Book Blurb for The Dom's Dungeon

Foster child. Teenage whore. Now a veterinarian, MacKensie's turned her life around, but the scars remain. She saves her affection for the animals who never judge or scorn her, but it's time to get out, move on from her past in Iowa. So, she arranges a vacation exchange to job hunt in Seattle.

Although the house is lovely, one room is locked. Her years in foster care have given her two ‘gifts’: a neurosis about locked doors and the ability to open them. After she gets into the room, she's appalled…and intrigued. Chains and manacles, whips and paddles, odd benches with straps…

When Alex returns home days early and finds MacKensie draped over the spanking bench in his locked dungeon, he’s furious. But her wariness arouses his protective nature and curiosity, so he strikes a deal to keep her close—she’ll act as his submissive in exchange for a place to stay and help finding a job.

He’d planned to use the veterinarian to deter an ex-girlfriend, not replace her, but with MacKensie’s compelling mixture of strength and vulnerability, the little sub slides right into his well-defended heart.


Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2010 5.00