The Cougar Club

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The Cougar Club

Kat Maguire is successful, single and good looking that is why when she is let go at a company she has worked at for years, she knows it’s because of her age. They say it’s due to the financial situation but Kat knows better. When she comes home to find her younger boyfriend whacking off to Internet porn, she’s had enough. She packs up her bags leaving New York and returns home to St Louis. 
Once in St Louis, Kat meets up with her best friends from high school, Elise and Carla. Both are successful career women, Elise is a doctor and Carla is a nighttime news anchor. Once the three get together, they reconnect as if they had never been apart. Elise seems to have the perfect life, marriage to another successful doctor and a son in college but something seems a bit wrong with her perfect life. Carla has a hot younger boy toy and many adoring fans so why is she getting so concerned about why her contract hasn’t been renewed yet?
These 45-year-old women show St Louis that age is just a number as they figure out just where their lives are going. But be careful, there are some interesting twists and turns as they travel down the road of life. 
I loved this book. I especially loved the little blurbs before each woman’s section.   “Kat Maguire on getting older: Aging gracefully isn’t about aging gracefully. It’s about living life with your engine on overdrive, making love with all the lights on, trashing your diet books, and diving into the chocolate cake.” All right Kat!!! What a great out look on getting older. With words of wisdom like this, you know these women are ones you want to hang out with.
And the three women that tell their stories are great characters. They are very well rounded and have full lives; or rather two of them have full lives while Kat is still figuring out where hers is going. Regardless, they come across as well rounded, defined characters with pasts, presents and futures. They are best friends but not clones of each other. Each has its own skills and desires and fears yet it’s the strength they find together which makes them special.
Though there is drama in this book, there are also special moments that you have to laugh or at least smile. When Elise is called on to treat a pro hockey player, she’s surprised to find her son’s old coach. She’s even more surprised when she’s attracted to him and he seems to feel the same way! Elise is married and this is her son’s young hockey coach. Not to worry, it all works out in the end. Elise isn’t the only one with situations like this but you’ll have to read the book to find out the rest.
What a way to be in your mid-40s. I may not be able to live this life but I sure had a great time reading about it.
I’m not sure if someone in their early 20s would truly appreciate this book. After all, at 20, 40 seems so old yet these youthful women would probably give those 20 year olds a run for their money. Those in their early 30s could appreciate it but those over 35 would not only appreciate this great story they would actually get it. Why go after the old guys when a young one is always ready? 
On a more serious note, I appreciated the references to age discrimination and how hard it is to prove. Carla was particularly affected by this due to being in the public spotlight. Why is it men new anchors can hang around indefinitely and most women are only kept until their looks start to go?
With the cliff hanger that this book ended on, I hope it means we’ll see this trio again. They sure are fun to hang out with.

Book Blurb for The Cougar Club

Meet three women who aren’t about to run and hide, just because the world says they should be on the shelf and out of circulation:

Kat Maguire: her life seems perfect until she loses her high-powered advertising job and catches her live-in lover in a compromising position—with his computer!

Carla Moss: this sexy TV news anchor is in danger of being replaced by a twenty-something blond bimbo. Wasn’t it just yesterday that she was the up and coming star?

Elise Randolph: a married dermatologist, Elise thinks her plastic surgeon husband is playing doctor with someone else.

Kat firmly believes that aging gracefully isn’t about giving up; it’s about living life with your engine on overdrive. So this unofficial “Cougar Club” quickly learns three things about survival of the fittest in today’s youth-obsessed society: true friendship never dies, the only way to live is real, and you’re never too old to follow your heart.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2009 5.00