The Chaste Librarian

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The Chaste Librarian

Cheryl Parker is a librarian. She enjoys her job though sometimes she wishes for more. With her pulled tight pony tail and glass, Cheryl doesn’t attract much male attention. In fact, she’s only had one serious boyfriend who was also her only lover as Cheryl doesn’t believe in sleeping around. When she bumps into Matthew Cooper though, she starts thinking make over.

Matthew Cooper is a divorced father of a six year old. He’s hot and he’s looking for fun. After finally getting officially introduced to Cheryl at her brother’s party, Matthew asks Cheryl to his house of dinner and a bit of fun.

This is way out of Cheryl’s comfort zone. Does she dare to take him up on this?

This is a quickie with the story being less than 40 pages. I actually read it twice and each time took less than an hour.

Being so short, it is really hard to get a lot of depth into the characters. Cheryl is the most developed. Some of her family background is given, such as she has a brother and a sister, but there isn’t much to work with. Matthew gives how he got into his line of work and that he wants a relationship without strings, just fun. Oh, and that he has his son every other week.

Perhaps it was due to how short this book was but I had a really hard problem with Cheryl changing her views on sex in such a short period of time. If she firmly believed that casual sex wasn’t something she wanted to participate in, and that was the impression that was given, how did meeting one good looking man who gave her a few compliments change that belief. The impression that I got from this story was Cheryl was looking for a relationship to develop while Matthew was just in it for the sex. Either someone is going to have to change their view or someone else is going to get hurt.

However, there is no conclusion except that they were meeting and having sex after a few weeks. Where the relationship was heading is anyone’s guess.

Setting aside my bias, this story is well written. It gives you the story of Cheryl breaking loose from her staid, boring life. It is a short story and it does give a good story in those few pages. For right now, Cheryl is having fun with Matthew and showing her more adventurous side. Why not take a peek at how she got her head turned?

Book Blurb for The Chaste Librarian

Cheryl Parker has come to accept her reserved nature. Her tight ponytail and glasses are not eye candy for the average man, but that’s fine by her. Therefore, she’s taken aback when Matthew Cooper, a hunk of a man, shamelessly propositions her for a no-strings, intimate relationship. What in the world does he see in her?—and more to the point—what can she possibly offer him when he can practically have any beautiful, experienced woman? But she’s tempted beyond reason, and without much thought, she’

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2012 3.50