The Call of a SoulSoul Deep

White Wolf Pack Book 1

While this story sometimes becomes a bit confusing, it is only due to the complexity of the plot and it quickly becomes clear again. A world is developed based on Native American lore but with a paranormal twist. In addition, there is a struggle of good against evil and plenty of romance along with family secrets. Everything comes to light as Mike and Melanie try to figure out their relationship. However, secondary characters are just as interesting and will have you wanting to know more about them. The killings that are occurring put many people in the possible culprit and it’s not easy to figure out who the real killer is, much less why. Overall, not a bad story and I really wouldn’t mind reading more about these characters and world.

Melanie lives in poverty on the res. She ended up in a parental role after her father died and her mother turned to drink. Though her mother has been sober for over a year, Melanie knows that it is only a matter of time before she starts again. Her brother plays professional football and helps as much as he can but her younger sister is still in college. When Mike and his brother return to town, Melanie is shocked that he notices her. After all, her father caused the accident that eventually killed his father. What she doesn’t know is that Mike is half wolf and his wolf wants to claim Melanie as his mate. Can they work out a relationship?

Book Blurb for The Call of a SoulSoul Deep

Melanie is a White Wolf spirit healer—a maggishahwi--who hears the last call of a dying soul. She’s loved Mike Dorland forever. But her Cinderella hopes and glass-slipper dreams of a happy ever after with her Prince Charming are shattered the day her father kills Mike’s while driving drunk. Now Mike hates her, and when Mike returns to their home town, she’s both devastated and thrilled.

Mike’s the eldest son of one of the original three founders of the quaint town of Chabegawn, and a half-breed wolf who’s found his mate—Melanie. Mike returns to find the town torn apart by a series of vicious and malicious black bear slayings. Then the town’s beloved, world-famous horse breeder vanishes and his ravaged remains are found.

Melanie’s bent on saving black bear mothers and cubs, and she will risk her life to bait and capture the killers. But Mike will gamble everything to protect his mate.

Originally titled The Call of a Soul.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 4.00